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1283: Cheetos Chicken Fries


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Rod and Karen are joined by Bassey Ikpi to discuss black TV fall line up, Cheetos chicken fries, getting teens to eat healthy, conservatives need a safe space for social media, Nate Parker cuts off interview after being asked about rape, white people news, fertility doctor is his own client and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    That conservative safe space will soon turn into another Stormfront. But most of them will be back on twitter and facebook soon enough because they’ll realize they have no one to troll.

  2. Mumbles

    ell, that last comment was a mess:D

  3. Mumbles

    Karen, Bassey, I love your voices. Not just your thoughts (although those are awesome as well), but just your pure voices.

    It’s really time for us guys to take a stand here. This needs to be understood.

    When I heard Rod saying he was expecting people complaining about Bassey’s voice, not because I thought he was out of line, but because I knew he was right. to do so, and that some guys would Men do often complain bout women’s voices, and use it as a way to discount what they’re saying.

    So guys, let’s fight back against that nonsense. Let’s say that we love their voices.

    I surely won’t be able to respond every time some misogynist starts complaining about a woman’s voice, but I encourage y’all to speak up whenever you hear it.

  4. Forest

    I loved the conversation you guys had about Queen Sugar and Atlanta. I especially love the representation of black fatherhood on both shows. On Queen Sugar, I loved the moment of all 3 Bordelon men together that was just friggin beautiful. It’s also interesting how Ralph Angel let his son play with his doll, Kenya, but had him hide it at school. So, I’m interested to see how they’re going have that play out in the show. Atlanta is just an odyssey of blackness. I relate to it so much. I was basically Earn in my mid-20s, sans the kid. What a time to be alive!

  5. bamil73

    When I listened to the episode I realised I had one complaint about Bassey. Not. Enough. Bassey. We need more Bassey. Once a year niggas? Y’all need to rectify that shit. I always enjoy the conversations you guys have.

    I especially enjoyed your breakdown of Atlanta. When I watched the scene with Dave using “nigga” with Earn I almost died when he asked Janitor dude if that guys says nigga around him. I wouldn’t be mad if an “Atlanta Recap” show popped up in my premium feed hint hint.


  6. Mack

    Re the poll: Already gave the whopperito a shot. Enough is enough.

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