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1290: The Weeknd Cut His Hair


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Rod and Karen discuss police killing a black man in their home town, The Weekdnd cut his hair, Portland musician now feels he’s paid enough for rape confession, Gucci Mane is off house arrest, stolen guns, Cudi accusing Drake and Kanye of having ghost writers, woman causes 7 hour delay at airport because she wants a divorce, racism on campus, twitter deleted thread about racism in America, white people news, woman throws boiling water on her cheating man and her baby, funeral director caught taking selfies with caskets and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amani

    I’m just tired man. I appreciate y’all for making it through the show and managing to turn it around and being funny. It’s hard the more you just sit and think with it, and I really don’t have much more other than hoping it’s not one of my niggas the next time but it still needs to be said.

    And fuck This Portland rapist. How the fuck is he talking about accountability and how much HE’S suffered for admitting he’s a rapist without having any consequences other than being called a rapist?! White privilege is a hell of a drug. I said sorry, damn! Isn’t that the end of it? You’re gonna call me a rapist just because I admitted to rape?! This is feminism going too far!

    And Happy Birthday Rod!! The T’Challa of Tip Nation in the house!

  2. reallydarkknight

    The corporation that runs Twitter is so full of shit! I’ve watched for years as Black women specifically (Hi Angry Black Lady!), women in general, LBGTQ people, and others get harassed and ask support for help and Twitter doesn’t do shit. I watched Leslie Jones get run off Twitter. I also watched Twitter delete non-sponsored tweets about the Olympics in no time flat. But now they’re going to run up and de-thread this woman’s tweets? With all these racists are free to harass everybody in existence? FOH!

    Also that woman who burned her man and baby must have really been steamed.

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