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BDS 173: Willie Beamon


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NFL results, Draymond Green, Rice University taunts Baylor about rape, US Soccer upset with Rapinoe, Lady Gaga,  NFL lineman played high, Ty Lawson sex tape, Darren Sharper nominated for HOF, Talib won’t face NFL discipline, Darius Miles broke, Decker, Sabathia says it’s tough for black MLBers to speak out, Cuban volleyball players convicted of rape in Finland, Kaepernick getting death threats, McCoy sued by police he beat up, Rams parking prices, Antonio Brown fires chef, Metta World Peace has a stalker, Derrick Rose Accuser must reveal identity, Dabo apologizes for being a distraction, Rutgers AD chugs beer,  Steve Harvey didn’t want a race team and Wade speaks out on black on black crime.


  1. Beezle28

    What’s up Rod and J James?!?

    Man y’all banana boat boys keep fuckin up!! It’s free to not say nothin at all. I’d much rather it at this point. And I blame your boy, yakkity yak, I punch ball sacks, Chris Balls! The other guys sayin all lives matter was one thing, but LeBron saying it, literally after saying he feared for his sons life… I just, I don’t get it man. And Cam using wing dings to type w/e bullshit he was tryin to say… Them shots he took in Denver still not wearing off? It’s been a tough week in sports, ask Geno lol that man couldn’t get in AFTER the starter threw 6 picks!! 6! They woulda had Fitztragic out there in a hospital bed before they let Genos black ass out there… AP’s knee is on IR, but hands are strong for some more beatings, Greg ‘shoot Em if ya got em, guns that is’ hardy got popped for the booger sugar and college & highschool athletes are taking more of a stand on social issues than paid ‘role models’. Another week, another great show, keep it up BDS crew!


  2. Will in Toronto

    Wassup Rod & J.Sigel !

    Listen, my Eagles are 3-0 and if their game has any correlation to these Philly rappers taking Ls then I’m gonna need someone to knock Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff the hell out. So we can get to the super bowl.

    Shout out to Kaepernick for providing the ground work for presenting receipts for his future contributions.  I know that pissed off every egg/flag/dog avi on social media.  They are running out of things to try to discredit his stance.

    Quick question. How long you think it will be before we get the Colin Kaepernick biopic on the big screen starring Chadwick Boseman? 

    Also, did y’all hear Gregg Popavich’s comments regarding players rights to protesting? Do y’all think he was born woke or did he become woke through osmosis from being around Stephen Jackson?  Cause y’all know Stacks will call out a sucker out so if Pop wasn’t down I’m sure they would have had their own Sprewell / P. J. Carlesimo incident. 

    Great show as always fellas.

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Fitzpatrick

    How bad can Geno be if he can’t get on the field with Fitzpatrick throwing 6 picks?! Jets coach already saw what happened to the Cleveland Blacks and Patriots trying to save their Black QB agenda and he wasn’t going down that road. And Dough don’t take your frustration out on me writing in to Rod. Nobody told you to draft Browns onto your fantasy team. You knew that was self-harm.

    But speaking of Black Quarterbacks, you named the last episode Willie Beamon, you gotta answer for your Willy Wonka ass Mr. Peanut head Mad Hatter QB. I don’t know why D. Wade’s comments got you so mad last week, you’re beyond race remember? You just want people to be held accountable and not worry about this 1/8th inch of skin.
    Meanwhile the Bucks team President went OFF on Milwaukee and said it was “the most segregated, racist place I’ve ever experienced in my life.” (http://deadspin.com/bucks-president-milwaukee-is-the-most-segregated-rac-1787121559). Hell they wouldn’t even let John Henson check out a jewlery store so it’s not surprising but for a white team exec to come out that hot? I wasn’t expecting that.

    And Justin, you know you ain’t shit for those Chris Balls comments. I mean, I still laughed so I’m not either, but still.

  4. FalconsDiva

    Oh and I forgot to mention – I’m mad at D. Wade now because his wack comments resulted in a shortened BDS! Seriously, I could truly feel Rod’s anger through my ear piece.

    • Will in Toronto

      That’s exactly what I said at the end of the show. I was more mad that he pissed Rod off than at his actual comments.

  5. FalconsDiva

    Greetings Rod and Justin!

    Hey AJ!!!

    Rod, I’m disappointed in you for not getting behind Brother Brissett. I was so torn watching the game because I found myself rooting for the Patriots.

    I appreciate the both of you for picking my Falcons against the Saints. Unfortunately, this is the 10th anniversary of Katrina Bowl. The SuperDome is going to be on fire!!! The NFL set us up for failure with the scheduling of this game. Every freaking advertisement for the game shows people crying when the superdome reopened after Katrina and that freaking blocked punt. AND Steve Gleason (the dude that blocked the punt and now has ALS) is going to be in the building. But deep in my gut, I think we’re going to pull this one off and take all the wind out of the sAints’ sails. I will be in New Orleans this weekend for the game and Beyonce’. My next few days will be Beyonce’ on Saturday, the first annual fried chicken festival in New Orleans on Sunday, the Falcons beating the sAints on Monday and me detoxing on Tuesday.

    I canNOT believe Darren Sharper was nominated for the HOF!!!! His name should have been removed from all potential lists. Another example that the NFL doesn’t care about women.

    Another great show guys!

    • FalconsDiva

      How ’bout them Falcons!!!! The sAints suck but I’m so glad we messed up their homecoming.

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