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1289: Farewell Brangelina


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Rod and Karen are joined by Sojo and Ms Smart of the Whiskey Wine and Moonshine podcast to discuss rich people balling, clowns threaten school, bomber was terrible, Ludacris custody fight, Ray Kelly on De Blasio, a possessive boyfriend’s letter, David Simon says the n-word, Belmont university expels racist student, black cops sues black people, man who shot Zimmerman indicted, important white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amani

    If I’m Hillary Clinton I’m doing cartwheels to be included in that lawsuit. See! I’m a Black Lives Matter leader! Me and Netta standing side by side.

    So good hearing the ladies from Whiskey, Wine and Moonshine and needed this relief

  2. Lise (rhymes with peace) Adam

    I hate to be “that guy” but Angelina lost all that weight because her mom died of cancer. She wasn’t anorexic or at the very least it wasn’t something she talked about. All those preventive surgeries were done bc cancer runs in her family. There was a huge story about her being privileged since most women don’t have the luxury to make a decision like this. Anyway, I still laughed at your comments. I ain’t shit. lol Nothing’s wrong if it’s funny, right? Love you all đŸ™‚

    • Lise (rhymes with peace) Adam

      Also, I’ve got a PhD in White People News and I gotta make another correction. Matthew McConaughey was the one who never wore deodorant, not Brad Pitt. Ok, I’m done. I’m sorry.

  3. AO

    Thank you for a wonderful episode. I needed this laugh, especial with all the shenanagins happening in black people news this week. You are doing the lord’s work, truly. I didn’t think I cared about the Brad and Angelina split until your recap in white people news.

  4. FalconsDiva

    I SO enjoyed hearing 2/3 of Whiskey Wine and Moonshine! When Ms. Smart went missing the second time, I immediately thought “the clowns really got her this time” – I HATE clowns!!

    That whole thing with Luda is pretty messed up. I’m not saying his ex is lying, but wouldn’t the daycare have reported the bruising? I think they are obligated to do this – but I’m not well versed in child protection laws.

    Great show as always!

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