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1288: Yelp Revenge


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Rod and Karen discuss Jimmy Fallon show ideas, NFL injuries, sports clocks, they caught that terrorist dude, McCrory fakes a press conference, dashcam catches cops lying, video catches cops making up charges, court says dreadlock discrimination isn’t racist, Nascar sued over racial discrimination, white people news, off duty cop causes trouble in subway, incest arrest and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Pat McCrory has got to go. I don’t even live in North Carolina anymore but it is my state of birth and every time I hear any news about him, I feel 100 percent fucked with. Please vote that clown out of office, make sure to tell all your friends and family to register. I’ve made it a point to call all my relatives in NC to make sure they’re registered to vote. Nov can’t come fast enough

  2. WhitleyFBrooks

    LMAO not raping puppies!!! XD

  3. ProfKori

    Regarding the poll: of course, more time slips away if you wait for a man to finish watching the game. If I were willing to wait, I’d get a halo, but I ain’t willing. I’M OUT! 🙂

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