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1294: MJB and HRC


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Rod and Karen are joined by T.D. Williams to discuss writing in the age of the Internet, Men Going Their Own Way, MJB and HRC, cop threatens woman for legally breastfeeding, Amber Rose about to get paid, Fantasia on that All Lives Matter, VA police using hoods to block dash cams, Jonesville police chief goes on FB rant, puppy vs baby, Josh Duggar is back, the Strahan feud continues, plenty of fish death, pastor gets biblical counseling, mom throws kids out of window and sword ratchetness.

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  1. FalconsDiva

    NOOOO FANTASIA NOOOO!!! Man!! I stan for Fantasia. I’ve seen her 3 times this year alone. I am so distraught!!! I’m sporadic on IG and Twitter so I missed all this…. I have been quick to unfollow and stop supporting folks that say All Lives Matter, but I’m going to need some time with this one. At first I was with Karen, maybe she doesn’t know (I was praying that was the case) but then she went and doubled down on that mess.

    Let me close my door and crawl into the fetal position while I let this soak in.

  2. csick

    I was about to come on here and say that there are black people in Rhode Island, Viola Davis grew up here, but then I realized that I’m just making the “I’m not racist, I have one black friend” argument for the entire state of Rhode Island, which just proves all of you right, so you win.

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