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BDS 174: Ray Lewis Prayer Warrior


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NFL picks, Lebron James said all lives matter, NBA brass answering questions on race, Greg Hardy gets caught with coke, Nebraska players harassed for kneeling during anthem, Richard Sherman, Ryan Lochte back, Ray Lewis speaks on crime, Durant disses the Chefs, MJ releases statement on Charlotte shooting, Greenville wants the NCAA games from NC, Lebron making comedy, Draymond has the refs cracking down on groin shots, Robert Swift off the drugs, RG3 says he’s not a cheater, Kevin Johnson beat up a dude, Doc Rivers, Harden, Serena Williams on BLM, Arenas wins in court, Derrick Rose, Les Miles fired, Austin Seferian Jenkins gets DUI and cut, Colts announcer cusses on air, Dee Gordon, JJ Watt on IR, Browns aren’t tanking, AD singing, Uncle P, Anthony Davis retires again, Josh Smith, Andre Drummond working on freethrows, Ben Simmons puts on weight, Jalen Ramsey talks shit about Steve Smith, Mike Tolbert is petty, Arnold Palmer dead, Yankees fan proposes, Godchaux has domestic violence charges dropped, Jeremy Lin on racism and Violet Palmer retires.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Newton

    Not sure which racism is worst this week Boston fans talking about Brissett ruining their undefeated season or Carolina fans trying to make Derek Anderson the starter. What if all these headshots Cam is taking this year are just niggas trying to smack some sense back into him?

    Meanwhile watching that NFL London game and it hit me, Andrew Suck is just the Kevin L of football. Nobody actually watches his games, so they just check the stats swear he’s the second coming. He’s the king of garbage time points but that lets people ignore he’s trash for the first 3 quarters. It’s easy to throw 3 touchdowns in the 4th, when you’ve already thrown your team out of the game and you’re down by 30.

    And c’mon Greg Hardy. The Wallet Game? Is that what Uncle Denzel is playing with people who use that meme? Made fun of his mustache too much and he set you up on a drug charge?

    Alright fellas appreciate it as always. Basketball almost back too, that long summer is almost over. Time for some fresh groupie tales!

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