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1295: Ball Duty


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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, Kevin Hart is getting paid, congress overrides Obama veto, Colbert regrets interviewing Trump, Sean Penn on Trump, MJB on getting roasted, Strip club lawsuit over age restrictions, Blue Bell recall, clown crimes, David Clarke slams a dude, black woman voting for Trump, BallerAlert, white people news, shuffleboard scuffle, man has sex with dog, mom hires hitman to kill ex and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Monty

    This is me, flailing my arms as I fall backwards down the stairs, Hitchcock-style, running AWAY from that ‘sex with dog’ GTR story. Nnnnno.
    That being said, a great episode to wrap up the week. I aw yeahed out loud when Five Star Chick started. A groupie tale to make up for the absence of groupie tales. Yyyeah…about that.
    Anyways Happy October!

  2. reallydarkknight

    Excellent shows this week y’all. I’ve got two things.

    First, I’ve got a couple of things to ask that young woman that says she’s gonna vote for Trump.

    What sealed your vote? Was it the declaration that he would build that wall to keep the Mexicans out? Was it that he would stop all Muslims from immigrating into this country? Was it that Law and Order over and over and over as the dog whistle that he’d lock your Black ass up as quickly as possible? I know it must have been calling his own Miss Universe “Miss Housekeeper?” Whatever it was, you know you really aren’t just another special snowflake, right? I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what those White Supremacists flocking to his campaign call you.

    Lastly on Guess the Race: That man go caught screwing his relative’s pitbull. You said that the dog was lying on its back in the rain. Did he want to look lovingly in the dogs eyes as he was giving it missionary? Or did he feel it was too impersonal by doing it…doggy style. {que the music up Rod!}

  3. Amani

    Talking about Obama’s veto of that dumbass bill, did you see Congress is already coming out and admitting regret over passing it? I know y’all probably already got it for Sunday, but my Luke Cage peak blackness is kicking in. How are you gonna blame Obama for not telling you it was dumb when he vetoed the damn bill?

    Anyway great week of shows guys, really do appreciate y’all. And listened to you and tried some of that buffalo cauliflower before binging on Netflix… nigga you were right! That shit was good.

  4. EvieE

    If anyone has made up their mind to vote for Trump at this point they deserve to either get kicked in the balls or punched in the titty because you’re either a moron or a horrible human being.

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