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1302: Wait, NOW Ya’ll Mad?


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Rod and Karen discuss Vince Staples, Nate Parker reportedly turned down Oprah’s help, Alicia Keys, Trump and Billy Bush, Clown Lives Matter rally, Lena Dunham responds to 6 years old criticism, Black architect humiliated at bank, Logic’s new album title, white people news, mom leaves kids at home to go on vacation, man murders 90 year old woman and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I think a lot of the outrage on the right over Trump is just for show. The created that monster and now they have to deal with it. They’re only speaking out against him because they think this could affect them in the polls. The people who hated him still hate him and his die hard fans will defend him. Trump is like a persistent case of herpes, you never asked for them, you tried to get rid of them but they’re not going anywhere.

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