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1303: Ashy Adjacent


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Rod and Karen discuss the latest debate, Al Roker hosting for Billy Bush, Prodigy writes a cookbook, man wins lawsuit over watching porn on his work computer, smart fridge porn in Home Depot, JetBlue hiring laymen, clown crime, Ruth Bader Ginsburg tripping, Blackish stars earn less than other shows, white people news, pedo spared jail, kid shoots his own parents and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Nate Parker can kick rocks. I won’t be supporting any project he is attached to because of how he handled this entire situation surrounding his rape accusation. And my petty runs deep. Fuck him.

  2. mayabee

    Well my middle name must be petty because I was partying all weekend on Birth of a Flop going aluminum paper clip. I wonder what She-Hotep thinks about people like me: a lesbian womanist who thinks Nate Parker looks like a human thumb. Anyways, FUCK her.

  3. Lennie

    I had planned on seeing BOAN but it rained this weekend so I didn’t leave the house. Then by Monday afternoon I started seeing social media messages critiquing the cinematography, the accuracy, and other critiques not about Nate Parker. I can separate art and the artist but I don’t support bad film. If that’s my Black feminism at work, I’ll gladly take the blame.
    (PS – Selma and 12 Years a Slave were both helmed by BM married to WW. I think they did alright.)

  4. Coonfucious (@Blike_Dante)

    Hey Rod and Karen just giving the show some love. I saw that hotep queen’s rant over your tweet and that article and rolled my eyes so hard I started typing in Cam Newton. Anti black feminism/womanism, homophobia and transphobia is never ok regardless who it is but it does sting a bit more when it’s sisters doing it. Anyways keep up the good work, much love and I need you to be ready for the clown apocalypse draft. ✊

  5. Jackie H.

    I won’t go see birth of a nation. If I do see it’s gonna be on somebody’s bad bootleg. Nate Parker not getting any of my money!!

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