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1305: Roland In The Deep


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Rod and Karen discuss more BOAN fall out from Roland Martin, Trump’s supporters want to repeal the 19th amendment, Michele Bachmann, Gabby Union suing BET, clown crime, boycott of Ben & Jerry’s, Bobby V, racially insensitive NY politician, Obama cupcake, BallerAlert, 911 operator hands up on people, UCLA roommate beef and sword ratchetness.

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  1. FalconsDiva

    Because of your Miami trip I was able to catch up AND post a comment before the feedback show. YAY ME!!!

    I’m so disappointed in Roland Martin. How would he feel if the black feminist mafia took to TVOne calling for his dismissal? This is why he doesn’t even believe his BS. If we were powerful enough to cause BOAN to flop (not that it did) – we would be powerful enough to come for his job.

    What’s sad is, for the most part, I’ve seen black women fairly silent regarding the movie. What I mean is, the women I know that chose not to see the movie for moral reasons aren’t broadcasting it. I’ve seen some share articles with no comment. My FB timeline has more black women telling people to go see the movie. Those of us that chose not to have been silent. Now, those that know me and know that I support (almost) all black movies may recognize my silence but I haven’t been telling folks I’m not seeing it or calling on others to boycott. Even when a friend shares an article (with no comment) and obtuse men choose to comment on the post, no one jumps in to set him straight. It’s like we’re walking a fine line of silent dissention, trying not to further offend our brothers.

    Oh and every time you honk that horn, I curse to myself and say ‘not another one!!!’

    Great show and I miss you guys (sort of… I just caught up and I’m sure there will be another post soon LOL)

  2. Amani

    I can’t with this show art. Roland Martin out here like your creepy uncle, fake ass magician pulling the wool over your eyes trying to blame Black Women again. How am I going to take this Fred from Scooby Doo looking mother fucker serious trying to pull stuff like this?

    And shout out to cowards leaving anonymous comments telling you how to do the job you’re so good at, people invite you down to Miami to pay to hear from you. Hope y’all had a blast! Love you two!

  3. Micah

    KFC and Kool-Aide??? They don’t tell you, but this is how Damon Boone lost to Black Mariah

  4. Anonymous

    Please stop talking about Nate Parker. We are so over you talking about that along with Bernie Sanders. It did 7 million on the opening weekend. And? Most people talked about this on Monday and I haven’t brought it back since. Get over it!

    • Tech Support

      Your podcast listening device comes with a fully functioning fast-forwarding button. Feel free to use it.

    • Lennie

      Ahem. Thank you for having the Nate Parker convo. The segment provided much needed context that was missing from my TL. This was Exhibit Infinity we just need more diverse voices in all areas. We can’t expect a handful of films or outlets to carry an entire race. While I would love for more Black media to cover the entertainment industry as a business and give context to b.o. figures, my tastes may not generate ad dollars or page views.

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