First things first, if you’re a premium subscriber the RSS feed password is changing. You can find that information by logging into the site and going to the bottom of the premium page: HERE.

Good news! We are taking the week off! Unless you’re premium then you’re getting a Balls Deep, Pre-Game and Nerd Off this week. But what about the free folks? Well we did make some guest appearances you may have missed in the last few weeks. As always you can find the podcast via the links below OR looking on iTunes and Stitcher for the podcast names.

Rod and Karen were both on Podcast Fandom’s “Queen Sugar” recap show. Episode 387: Queen Sugar – S1E5 – By Any Chance

Rod and Karen were on the Composite Creative Episode: An Evening With The Black Guy Who Tips (This is a good one for people who are interested in the origin and details of the show. Great behind the scenes information.)

Rod was on Chris Lamberth’s The Mundane Festival Podcast episode 189: Rod Morrow

Rod and Karen were both on Mel’s new Superluscious Episode 2: Reagan Gomez, Rod & Karen (@TBGWT), Escaping Your Kids

Rod was on Three Guys On Discussing the uprising in Charlotte on their episode “Stay Safe.”

Rod was on the Podcast a couple of times

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Download Episode

Rod was on The Vocal Minority Report Podcast Episode 29: Is Serena Williams Canadian?

Rod was on the TV Movie Mistress Podcast recapping the horrible final season of Tyrant.

Rod was on the “Welcome 2 The Village Podcast” C.O.T.C, Smart porn, politics, and Village Idiots!

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