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1306: Miami Recap


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. EvieE

    Thank you for the recap of your trip. It was almost like I was there. I laughed out loud when you were talking about your scared Uber driver. Hope Miriam has retired because she’s not about that life.

  2. Selester63

    Hey Rod & Karen, I was very happy to hear that the Miami trip was a success. Y’all really had a great time and some of those stories were hilarious. Also glad you got some much deserved time off (which we all need to maintain mental & physical health).

  3. WhitleyFBrooks


  4. lagoveb

    That recap was so good – it was like a big group hug, you’re so humble. It was almost like being there… DMX liked Karen – of course.

    Can’t wait for you guys to come to London!

  5. ProfKori

    Rod, this sounds so familiar! “Any time I mention Uber or any interaction, assume that Karen told them our life story!” Karen is a good sport for saying that’s what she does. My partner claims the same thing about me. I deny it! LOL!

    • ProfKori

      It’s so great to hear that you two were treated SO WELL! What a fabulous experience!!! Your make-up looked great, Karen. This only gives me more encouragement to try false eyelashes.

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