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TNO 69: Nintendo Switch


Rod, Aaron, Sterling and Kriss discuss listener feedback, what we’re playing, watching, reading, Luke Cage, The Nintendo Switch, Guardians trailer, Logan trailer, Samsung phones blowing up, X-men writers making money, Amazon wants to leave packages in your house, Wonder Woman is queer, iPhone 7 battery life, Dan Harmon on Doctor Strange, James Wan, Walking Dead Renewed, Captain Planet movie, Daniel Craig might play Bond again, Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants to play Batman, Stan Lee, Transformer Nazi sequences, John Wick 3 in development, Captain Marvel movie, Elon Musk, people mad they gotta be black in video game, Purge TV show in development, No Man’s Sky being investigated, Best Buy selling recalled products, Anne Hatheway wants back in, One Punch Man gets season 2 and some white washing of Asian movies.

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  1. Amani

    What’s going on fellas,

    Marvel did it again! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie that looks like that. The whole movie was that Ant-Man scene on steroids. They can do a different genre for every movie and yet it’s still grounded in a humanity of their characters and somehow always funnier than I’m expecting it to be. Folks can quibble over story if you want to, and it just came out so no spoilers but these damn movies are so much fun man.

    And then you have WB. You really couldn’t have planned this week better if you’re Marvel, they drop Doctor Strange and get another hit, meanwhile Fox loses their director for Deadpool and even worse Famuyiwa drops out of the Flash? He was the main reason I had hope for that movie, and now? Things are so bad with that studio, these Wonder Woman trailers have been fucking amazing and I still can’t let myself get too excited because of their track record.

    Somebody lining up the trailers clearly didn’t listen to your show and that block of white washing stories though. Got hit with both the Ghost in the Shell and that Matt Damon Great Wall movie before Doctor Strange and that was just awkward timing.

    P.S. I thought it had already peaked by last show, but I just gotta give Ashanti the slow clap for the last two weeks of trolling. Levels I’ve never seen before. I’m just glad Rod didn’t lose to her in fantasy, that could have been bad.

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