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1309: Not To Beat A Dead Glenn


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Rod and Karen are joined by Mr. Spann of the Spann Report to recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. Law

    I knew Abe was the first to get got before this season even continued, but I was still kinda mad about Glen. If I were a troll, I’d definitely do it like this though.

  2. Amani

    Hey are you guys still reading comments on your feedback episode? I know you’ve been doing it for the last few years, and have no reason to stop but I just want to be sure. It’s the same way I ask my wife if we’re still married every couple weeks.

    Negan got Reek out here looking like Chris Tucker in Rush Hour. Why didn’t you tell me this man rolls like this??? See Reek, this is what it looks like when you actually plan shit out instead of winging it just because you’re the baddest crew on the planet. It’s been one episode and Negan is already the best villain on TV. You called it last season, but he really is the showrunners speaking directly to us. Oh you think you’re king shit and you know how this is gonna play out because you read the books huh? Okay, well now we’re doing this shit my way.

    And as a non book reader I had the same sense as Karen that Hilltop set them up. They would have had it coming either way because Rick was feeling himself too much last season and ignored everyone telling him to do recon and plan, but how did the Saviors know who it was that killed their men BEFORE they started watching Alexandria? There was nothing concrete, but the timing was too coincidental for me and I really didn’t trust their leader.

  3. Mimi

    I didn’t want to continue watching The Walking Dead after that fake-ass almost-death scene with Glen. I never believed in the “Impossible Asian Man” theory and I felt that they kept him around as a cheap ploy for ratings. However, I heard all the hype from my friends about last Sunday’s season premiere and decided to catch up. Finally! My thirst for Glen’s long-overdue death was sweetly quenched! I loved how they set it up with the “Oh, so you thought I was done…” after Abraham’s death. The only low point for me was to see the heart-wrenching grief displayed by Maggie at the end. What can I say…I’m a sucker for love. Other than that, I am thoroughly satisfied and am back on the apocalypse trail!

    As for Negan, that man is my new white man crush! Love me a take-charge kinda guy who knows how to swing a bat! To me, he embodies the reality of the time. Stop thinking that y’all gonna get some sweet utopia in the middle of this apocalypse. This ain’t the suburbs, hunny pie! It’s a kill or be killed in this kind of world and, to be honest, Rick and the gang are sloppy killers. Who goes on a killing spree like they did in the last episodes of Season 6, without grasping the full extent of their enemy? Anyhoo, Negan taught them a valuable lesson of comprehensive planning, in my opinion.

    As for the theories on what Darryl, I believe he will pull a Jon Snow and learn everything that he can while gaining their trust, so that they can release him and have him working with them. Then, he will escape when they least expect it back to Alexandria, and use his intel on them to defeat them. I am not too familiar with the comics so that is just based off of my head.

    Anyway, that’s may 2-to-5 cents. Have a great weekend!

  4. Anonymous

    I was most satisfied with this episode!! Just before it aired, I picked Abe and Glenn to go because they are the ones I could do without. Literally betting my sister who was going to die and was happy I was right. Like you, I been rooting for Glenn to go. Mr. Spann said it, this show has turned me into a monster. A monster that was okay with Carol popping a cap in a little girl’s head (’cause that little girl had to go). Monsters, all of us…. Abe giving Sasha the peace sign before meeting Lucille was a nice, sweet goodbye. Carl on the other hand, fucked me up. I was shook, they got me!!!! Not many shows keep you on pins and needles, TWD comes through week after week, and that’s why it’s great.

    As someone who didn’t read the comics, I’m looking forward to more Negan and what his base camp and back story is! I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan Morgan and he’s been in the bae category for me since Weeds. I’ve always hated when he died in every show until now. Negan. Gotta. Die. and die bloody. I need his death, when it comes, to be good. Ramsey Bolton good. JDM is the perfect Negan. I love hating him in this!

    And for those who are whining about the show being too graphic, change the goddam channel! Buh-bye.

    Can’t tell you how much I looked forward to this recap!!! FLAMES. Thank you Queen Karen, Rod and Mr Spann, Great show.

    Love, peace, and hair grease.

  5. WhitleyFBrooks

    EXACTLY! I knew we were getting off easy with Abraham’s death. The cast & writers kept talking about how this death changed the lives of everyone forever. I liked Abraham, but I didn’t think his death would have a detrimental effect other than being upsetting to watch, whereas Glenn has been there since day one AND had a kid on the way.

  6. Luckedout

    I’ve been at least content with TWD since I started following it. Loved it most of the time.

    I gotta admit I cried. Negan was relentless, and although I should have known better, Glenn’s death took me off guard. If it had only been Abraham getting smashed, I wouldn’t have heart palpitations when Rick was begging for Carl.

    But isn’t that the point of the show, to drag you out and try to break you? The showrunners were saying “This show is mine. This audience is mine. You are mine, say it!” C’mon, The camera got the bat during the previous season finale, this show is about immersion. Getting angry at the TWD is like getting angry at a Haunted House ride for being scary. The fact that they can wrench these feelings outta their audience even after starting the 7th season means they’re doing something right.

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