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BDS 178: Thank You Scottie Pippen


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NFL picks, Scottie Pippen divorce filing, Ciara and Russ expecting a child, Josh Brown released, Cromartie released, Jordan Reed wanna keep palying, Eddie Lacy got too fat, Dez Bryant cut his fingers, Ben Simmons ain’t go to class, Adidas speaks out about D Rose, Metta World Peace as assistant coach, Incognito still mad, Chris Bosh suing his ex, Rae Carruth, Roy Williams on Kaepernick, Bo might be coming to Sportscenter, Reggie Bush scandal, Dexter Fowler, Gilbert Arenas is petty and Geno got hurt. We didn’t get to all the news this week but next time we got you!

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Wayne

    THIS NIGGA!! Can’t even blame it on Skip’s powers this time. I’m really just mad the media keeps asking him that question knowing the reaction on both ends. He hasn’t put out a relevant album in how long, but fucking Nightline is interviewing him? That’s just to troll us at this point. But still, fuck that bullshit.

    And I’m just trying to ignore Rod’s agenda against Melo this year. It’s bad enough I have to deal with D. Rose every time I see his face. But hey, I understand pettiness, who are me to judge? And it’s got nothing on King Petty Lebron James. He’s still trolling the Warriors even at his Halloween party and I can’t get enough! He knows first hand how much pressure comes from getting all the Superteam hate with the rest of the league turning on you and he’s just pouring it on. I love it!

    And we’re getting Russ vs KD on Thursday? Niggaaaaaa! Why would anyone pretend to care about Thursday Night Football? Ain’t no parity ruining this game, Russ might go for 100!

    Oh and did y’all see Mike and Jemele kill that Boyz in the Hood on Halloween? If Bo does make the move and we get the whole ship on Sportscenter shit I might cry.

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