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BDS 179: A Gut Full Of Donkey


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NFL picks, Terrell Suggs, Simon Biles attacked with racism, Spencer Hawes wants to talk to Lebron, Hue Jackson took off his head set, Montee Ball pleads guilty, Arian Foster retires, kids football coach lets a grown ass man play, Cutler talking bad, Fan dies in Denver, Greg Hardy sued for not paying for cars, Jaguars news, Bobby Knight was squeezing balls, DeMarcus Ware guess the race, NCAA responds to UNC, Pippen drama, Trail of Tears banner, Aaron Hernandez phone was hacked, Andre Johnson retires, Cam Newton, Brandon Jennings on D’Angelo Russell, Derek Wolfe is a savage, D-Wade throat slashing fine, Bill O’Brien goes ballistic and then forgets about it, Draymond Green got a woman pregnant, Ray Allen retires for real now, Joe Johnson evicted, Metta World Peace ghost molestation, OK suspends running back for being a jerk, Pippen 911 call, Reggie Bush side chick drama gets worse, Percy Harvin says he’s back, Kobe doesn’t miss basketball, Familia DV charge, OR linebacker punches woman, Demarcus Cousins has a tantrum, Donald Penn getting divorced, Ed Hartwell doesn’t submit DNA, Alex Smith concussion scandal, Brian Baldinger suspended, Bill Simmons cancelled, Barkley roast ESPN, Shaq doesn’t worry about cops, Harvard cancels Men’s Soccer season, Kanter, Josh Huff arrested and Baylor is still horrible.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Merica

    Rod on that Nikki Giovanni, he’s so hip even his errors are correct. Don’t worry about not starting Matt Ryan, you got a quarterblack like Kap who’s got your back. Well at least enough to be competitive, can’t save the rest of your team.

    And talk about NFL ratings being down also ignores they’re only counting the broadcast channel numbers. I can’t speak for everybody, but I’m watching Red Zone most of the day, fuck I want to say on the Jets game for 3 hours? But don’t get me wrong I agree these games have been straight food lion bag in the glove compartment garbage. I haven’t been this disinterested in football in my life.

    They tried to hype sell us on Aaron Rodgers vs Andrew Suck, but they’re both terrible this year. Who are even the top 5 quarterbacks in the league? After Brady, Cam and Brees it’s real slim pickings. The ball deflator is really about to win MVP missing a quarter of the season.

    And Rod coming through with that scorching Anthony Davis take. I mean he did get them into the playoffs two years ago and was close before he got hurt last year. But between him, Karl Anthony-Towns and Embiid, I’m at least excited for the future of big men in the league. Hell even the Lakers are starting to pull it together and Nance balling on people.

    • Amani

      Fuck, I really got nothing. Love y’all man.

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