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1318: Punkin Chunkin


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Rod and Karen discuss expensive potato chips, playboy model charged, Christian couple leaves horrible tip, Porn University opens, Sex dolls with functional genitals on the way, child free zones on airlines, janitor pulls in 270K, black face college students, racist message on university apartment door, racial slur in college classroom, black college students leave college with more debt, KFC and Watermelons politician arrested, white people news, hit and run, assemblywoman beats her kid, mom lies about being kidnapped and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Coonfucious (@Blike_Dante)

    Rod you hit the nail on the head on this one. I know I’m writing this early Tuesday morning but this was on my spirit listening to this episode. First of all whoever that person was on your Facebook with that child rape shit was the most headass thing I’ve heard in recent memory. Second the Green Party is the Papoose of political groups. Third I’m SO thankful that this shit will be over because I’m TIRED of us, black folks, fighting among each other over these muhfuckas. I’m tired of the woke Olympics “I’m extra liberal, they both the same” people and I’m also tired of the “THE ANCESTORS DIED FOR YOU TO VOTE!” they died for a LOT of shit people don’t do, such as respecting women and LGBTQ people but people chose to disrespect those groups daily. It’s a damn CHOICE. Voting is important but there’s also other ways to help change. I’m just tired of the end all be all on either side. Sorry for the long rant lol.

    Anyways one of the best podcasts ever, love you and Karen, and love, peace, and chicken grease.

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