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TNO 70: DC’s Extended Cut Scam


Rod, Kriss, Sterling and Aaron discuss listener feedback, what we’ve been entertaining ourselves with, The Flash movie loses another director, Yahoo been scanning your emails, Oculus Rift problematic creator, Netflix will screen movies in theaters, Norway’s Prime Minister plays Pokemon Go during debate, Suicide Squad extended cut, Spotify ads had malware, Hellboy 3 shelved, Defenders filming in November, Arrow should reset some things with Flashpoint, Comcast limits data for cord cutters, The Wasp will be in Avengers, Galaxy Note killed, Apple Watch banned from cabinet meetings, Punisher actor inspired by Dirty Laundry short, Daredevil Season 1 getting Blu-ray release, Black Widow solo movie, War of the Worlds TV show coming to MTV, Doctor Strange race bending controversy, Lewis Tan on Ethnic actors not being allowed to be heroes, Donald Glover cast as Lando, Hidden Figures will qualify for an Oscar release, Superman spin-off show, Deadpool 2 set news, Chelsea Cain quits Twitter, Daisy Ridley responds to Mary Sue comments, Jessica Jones Season 2 getting all female directors, Titanfall 2 has no season pass or DLC charges and the Riri Williams cover backlash.

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  1. Amani

    You know if Trump making America Great Again is so much nerd shit that we need to have double the Nerd Offs, maybe this whole thing won’t be so bad.

    Saw Moonlight last week and Mahershala Ali was great in that as was the whole cast, and the trailers reminded me he’s in Hidden Figures too. He’s really winning 2016 and his only competition is Donald Glover. Between Atlanta, that Lando casting and him dropping a new album this Black History Season is the only thing saving a trash year. Just funny those two stories were back to back last week, Rod be knowing!

    Can’t wait for the show, but I’d be crazy if I didn’t mention Young Justice Season 3!! We back dawgs! Obama deeed it!

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