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1319: What’s Up My Negan?


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Rod and Karen are joined by Sterling of The Gaming And Then Some Podcast to recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. Dunedragon

    My bad, a second reply from me. But did anyone notice how black lives matter zombie always looks like he has applied cocobutter cream? Not the first time they used him. Or they all look alike? Last ashy black zombie might have been Morgan’s wife. Great podcast! Dunedragon from Nigeria (yeah that download from Africa is me)

  2. Dunedragon

    I think Dwight staring at the pole dancer zombie at the beginning is linked to him staring at Zombie Buddy aka Mr Eggs Lettuce and Tomatoes aka Eggs Man aka Dr Robotnic at the end of the episode. Pole dancer was someone he knew that got the right end of Lucille and instead of ending up a blood stain is forever on guard duty by the fence. Your theory on the VCR made my afternoon. Laughed all day.

  3. Law

    Daryl might die… But hopefully he’ll have a more respectable death than America on election night, though. Common just dropped another album(check it out! Tidal!), and I’m going to use that to heal myself from these terrible thoughts.

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