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BDS 180: That White Girl


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NFL picks, James Harrison, Greg Hardy, Josh Huff signed by Bucs, Ezekiel Elliott accused of more DV, Brandon Marshall not taking knee any more,  Antrel Rolle retires, Mark Ingram TD celebration, Steve Smith being a good lockerroom guy agian, Justise Winslow sees a ghost, Melo in the triangle, Jarryd Hayne, Jaylen Brown mall event, Gisele Instagram post, Cam Newton hits legal, Michael Wright was murdered, Richard Sherman should be castrated, Magic Johnson got HIV 25 years ago, Critiano Ronaldo rich, Meek Mill messes up OBJ’s party, Jeff Fisher, Herschel Walker losing friends to support Trump, Reggie Bush baby mama, Chris Bosh, D Wade in the news, Nigel Hayes speaks on racial injustices, ESPN losing subscribers, Mark Cuban takes on automated reporters, athletes react to Trump’s win, Tre Mason update and Michele Roberts meeting with players.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Zenmaster

    Justin’s Phil Jackson agenda finally coming through! Lebron even got Melo side eyeing his GM. Meanwhile old man Phil stands out even more in a league with Pop and Stan Van Gundy coming out hard against Trump. Coming off of football season and hearing that weak tea it’s funny to hear coaches around even more niggas stepping up.

    And speaking of coaches on that whack shit, I hope you guys are sitting down but apparently Art Briles knew about all those rapes going on at Baylor and did nothing. I know, I’m shocked too. The fact the team decided to wear all Black uniforms as a tribute to him and so many people at the university defending that dude just makes it even worse. As much as the NCAA overstepped their authority with Penn State, the outrage from the public was so different compared to this case. Even though I know it’s coming it’s still wild every time to see how little we as a society actually care about women.

    Y’all clowning Justise Winslow for seeing ghosts, but the Skirvin Hotel is notorious for NBA players for being haunted. Now most of these players are spooked rookies, fuckups and weed heads, but does that mean we shouldn’t trust their expert judgment? Now to be fair, it is Oklahoma, are we sure he just didn’t see a nigga in Klan robes and decide a ghost was less scary?

    And don’t look now, Andrew Wiggins is averaging 27 a game so far this year. I don’t care if Kobra Kai Love got a ring, my petty runs deeper than facts. I’mma stay yelling at him like David from the Y. Hope y’all had a great week fellas.

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