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1320: The President We Deserve


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Rod and Karen discuss their friendaversary, Trump winning the presidency, some political milestones, white people news, man shoots at cars, man has girlfriend killed and sword ratchetness. Twitter: @rodimusprime @SayDatAgain @TBGWT

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  1. Lennie

    After the show, I thought I had skipped the part where you talked about the NC governor’s race. Now that I’m back on SM, I see why. I say this to say I appreciate #TBGWT for always trying to bring us accurate information and vetting your sources. (Unlike some actual news organizations.) Hope you get a new governor soon!

  2. vcthree

    Guys, thanks for just being there for us. It was really appreciated this week, given what happened.

    I’m not in the States, anymore; I’m in Sydney, Australia, and I watched the returns with my wife. I don’t think I said more than 20 words after like three in the afternoon, because all I kept thinking, as I watched the numbers and saw them trending to Trump: “Is this really fucking happening right now?” And then it registered–America just said “fuck you” to Black people, to Latinos, to LGBT, to disabled people, people with illnesses, and women (who aren’t white). I was just angry. I went to bed angry. I woke up, angry. I’m still angry, now.

    I don’t think that will ever change. After all the bullshit I saw this cycle, after seeing somebody lied on and scandalized over bullshit, from both sides, while men in this race were praised for lesser accomplishments and their problems ignored or excused; I know why I’m angry. I don’t have the illusion of a better America, anymore. I can’t tell my nieces about the goodness of America. I can’t tell Australians that our country is good–I have to say, honestly and to their faces, that America is a nation of spiteful bigots, and elected Trump to office because half of us were selfish. That’s the truth.

    I don’t trust the progressive movement, and seeing some of the same people who took all the potshots at Clinton during the primary, now trying to run up to the front of the resistance movement, just irks the fuck out of me. I have no compulsion to follow these ineffectual liars anywhere.

    I’ll close out with this: the anger is at my country, for lying to me about what it pretended to be, and that my illusions about that country are now gone. I don’t think I’ll ever be that naive again. But at least I can be honest about what it is, now. I know we’ll be alright, but right now? It’s hard to see it.

  3. Still Trippin

    Oh, and is Charles Barkley still going to get that ‘Race Card’ show? That will be wild in this new world. I don’t want to see a minute of it, though.

    And I did a search because this past week or so, we’ve seen several shootings of officers but I haven’t seen a lot of that WI sheriff or much #bluelivesmatter chatter. Funny that during election season, those folks were out whenever a civilian was killed, but in this wave of actual shootings of police, there’s no war on police talk. No talk about culture or any of that nonsense. 100.

  4. Still Trippin

    Great show. Great, great show for that crazy day!

    Wednesday, I stayed to myself most of the day in the office. But I did have one white co-worker flag me down in the halls to talk about all this. He did a write-in for president. He couldn’t believe this happened. I kept trying to exit that conversation, but it dragged on. I dodged all others for the rest of the day. I just didn’t want to talk about it, at all. Funny thing is that for the most part, I haven’t talked to this dude about the election before this point at all.

    I finally heard your show on Thursday, and it really helped relieve some tension.

  5. Loserville

    Yoo I love the “White People News” segment because y’alls commentary on those stories kill me. Not surprised Mariah Carey is asking for $50 mill for her “inconvience”. She’s as crazy as fox. She made her label pay her $30 mill after Glitter flopped. Shout out to her lawyers.

  6. Anzidavis

    Thank you Rod and Karen for being real about America. When my coworker asked me on Wednesday “how did this happened?”, I told her that White America has always shown us who they were you didn’t believe them. I knew Trump would win but I had hope that all the people that said they would vote for Clinton did but oh well, here to surviving the next four years. I hoping that Trump will flip flop and fix Obamacare and immigration and pick great Supreme Court justices. I guess I am being unrealistic but hey it helps me sleep at night.

  7. BigDaddyD8

    Thank you Rod and Karen for putting together just the podcast I needed to hear after the cheetoe was elected. This is all white folks fault. And now I’m looking sideways at half my coworkers whom I can only imagine put on their trucker hats pulling out the parking lot everyday. From the day Obama got elected white folks started planning for this day. The fact that a man without a college degree who is an open bigot and embraced the Klans endorsement got elected shows just how deep racism runs in this country.

  8. Luckedout

    Just wanted to say I appreciate you both.

  9. Amani

    Brad Pitt has executive produced Moonlight, Selma, and 12 years a Slave, built affordable housing in NOLA after Katrina and he’s staying in Zahara’s life? What if Angelina was just mad he was pulling ahead in the woke Olympics and said fuck him he ain’t winning over the kids too. Trying to give them discipline and shit.

  10. Coonfucious (@Blike_Dante)

    Thank you Rod and Karen for giving probably the best commentary about the election, the cycle, the problems on the left, the right, and the 3rd party without being total jerks about or blaming anyone other than white folks for this like I’ve seen so many do regardless where they stand on it. As in my comment on the other episode all fighting I’ve seen from us to us has really killed my spirit more than Trump winning in itself.

  11. rmiller728

    I just knew the “Keep yo ass outta my living room” mom was black until Karen said ain’t no black woman leaving a note to keep out of nowhere. Right then I had to change my guess to white. My kids know Thanksgiving or any other day, my living room is for looks only not sitting around messing it up. That is what the basement is for, and they better keep it clean too.

  12. Forest

    I’m in the same age range as you guys. So, I remember what the alternative was. It’s real interesting watching people jumping through all these hoops to just avoid admitting that America is just emboldened by bigotry and it’s just that simple. That said, I can’t wait to party on this pettiness. I can’t wait until Trump starts fucking up and backtracking. Every time it happens, I’m asking a Trump supporter, “Feeling great again?”

  13. Michelle

    TBGWT, you said everything I was thinking all day yesterday. So many discussions on how we should have listened to poor white workers who had economic anxiety. What??? The polls proved that was not true. This was Trump using identity politics in the worst way to get white people out to vote. As always, hatred for anyone not white is strong in this country. I don’t feel bad about saying that I hope his administration fails at everything they try to do. And as a fellow Catholic, I think Pence should rethink how he follows his faith. There is more to life than fighting abortion.

  14. Wiz Khaleesi

    Hillary and the DNC made a lot of costly mistakes in both the primaries and the election campaign but we shouldn’t let the media off the hook for normalizing Trump’s disgusting rhetoric. We should also blame the millions of “enlightened” white voters who found it acceptable to vote in a lying, racist, hatred-inciting, ill-prepared sexual predator into the White House (or stay home altogether, ensuring a Trump win). They were too bitter to listen to Bernie. #YesAllWhitePeople

    This whole election was one long “Fucking With Black People” segment.

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