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TNO 71: 12 Years An Oompa Loompa


Rod, Kriss, Sterling and D Palm discuss listener feedback, Supergirl, Nilah Magruder gets overlooked, variant hip hop covers, rent the Magic Kingdom for a wedding, Zuckerberg wants a Jarvis, Goodman and Turturro back for Transformers, Sony has a Mulan film too, Netflix is growing, Enemy of the State getting a TV show reboot, Joss Whedon wants to direct a Star Wars film, Wonder Woman named honorary ambassador, Dark Energy, Indiana Jones 5, Netflix going further into debt, Candy Crush TV game show, Neo Geo coming to PS4, Ray Park, The Defenders will be 8 episodes, Rambo remake without Stallone, Snow White, iPhone 8 wireless charging, Dark Tower delayed to 2017, DC TV shows make a billion, Mafia 3 fastest selling 2k game ever, Starship Troopers remake, Furby movie, Simpsons renewed, Jaden Smith, Willy Wonka movie, Batman script scandal, Wonder Woman reshoots, Young Justice getting a 3rd season, American Werewolf in London, Mel Gibson calls out violence in Marvel movies, Legends of Tomorrow gets more episodes, Walking Dead, Ghost Rider may get a spin-off, Blizzard LGBTQ characters, Halloween Pokemon, God Particle movie, Nintendo ends Wii U, Deadpool 3 already planned,  Final Fantasy car and Trans narratives in comics.


  1. brandonisbmore

    What’s up Rod, Kriss, Sterling, and Aaron,

    Thank goodness for nerd shows, after all the bullshit in the last couple weeks with Trump comic and nerd shows really came through this week. I would also like to apologize to Kriss for tagging him on such at blasphemous tweet questioning marvels greatness in relation to the Flash and agents of shield on Tuesday.

    Now that the good is out the way, I saw an article saying their there is a “key sequence” in Justin League involving the Green Lanterns. I would guess it’s an alien Green Lantern because on of the Big 3 American ones would have to be a major announcement. Do you guys think this is a mistake introducing them in a surprise way in Justice League?

    Also for Aaron and possibly Sterling have y’all played Paragon? It’s on PS4 and PC it’s prob the best free game I have ever played. They give u a knew playable character every 3 weeks all updates with weapons, maps, etc is free and every in game purchase can be made by earning in game credit and it looks great.

    Thanks for all the content all of you do… black independent media is great and neccasary.

    – Brandon

  2. Amani

    What’s going on fellas

    Angela Bassett in Black Panther? Every time I think this movie can’t get any blacker Feige proves me wrong. And in Trump’s America? We gonna be having screenings like the Underground railroad. Hiding clues in songs and shit. I already called out Black that whole weekend just so I can give Disney my money. Going on tour seeing it with all my Wakandans, tell Marvel to keep my tab open.

    And don’t let Disney get back in business with Joss Whedon. Fuck one of the episode movies, but give him that Mandalorian movie and let him do Firefly with a Star Wars budget? Niggaaaaaa!! Only thing better would be if they backed up the Brinks truck to get Christopher Nolan to do an Old Republic movie.

    Listening to y’all talk about Rambo, it hit me that’s a better Old Man Logan than what Fox is giving us. But throw Desiigner in there? I’d pay for that shit. Just start bumping trap music killing Russians, dodging bullets cause he can’t stop dancing. Day one purchase. Gotta beg the new Sorcerer Supreme Jaden Smith to make it happen.

    I’m still cooking off that Oompa Loompa shit. Y’all some goddamn savages. But you ain’t wrong either.

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