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1322: Million White Woman March


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Rod and Karen discuss more Trump stuff, Million Woman March, history teacher suspended, killer robots are coming, Zika vaccine trials working in rats, serial killer life, breast feeding mom, clown porn is blowing up, Oklahoma student sends racist messages, Jon Stewart could’ve stopped Trump, Grub Hub CEO don’t play that, Azealia Banks thanks Trump, George Zimmerman, white people news, 15 year old boy goes missing, VA grandmother tries to kill family and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Michelle

    One more thing…..I don’t use Twitter or Facebook so this is the best we for me to share this. Enjoy.

  2. Buck_Ravioli

    I’m SOOO thankful for episodes like this one. Rod and Karen have made me a better ally. You’ve made me see where my thoughts and beliefs about certain things were problematic or just plain wrong. Thank you Rod and Karen. I love you!

  3. Michelle

    Yes. Another episode that speaks the truth about the election. I think it’s interesting how many people are now calling for unity. Sorry, if Trump and his supporters are going to spend almost two years stirring animosity, they get to live with the result for the next four years. And regarding white people who act surprised when people tell them that the country is racist, I have an old Caribbean saying for them. “A monkey can’t see it’s own tail.”

    • Jackie

      I love that saying! I’m gonna use it.

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