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1323: Tolberone Cheating


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Rod and Karen discuss The Cosby Show, Facebook fake news, USA crime drama based on Big and Pac, Wanda Sykes’ booed for Trump jokes, Trump might sue his critics in office, Jay-Z tries to buy Prince’s unreleased work, Rick Ross owes taxes, safety pin necklace, Toblerone cheating the game, racism at blood drive, coffee shop racism, Whoopi Goldberg, Trump black outreach, KKK parade planned to celebrate Trump in NC, TI confronts Lil Wayne, white people news, teacher has sex with 11 year old, drifter confesses to 14 year old murder, beating over chicken wing and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I just want to announce that I’m going to be selling safety pins to privileged white people. I have some safety pins and a beddazzle gun so you can be an ‘ally’ in style. I’m selling them for 40 bucks a pop, 50 if you wrote in Bernie on the ballot.

  2. Dunedragon

    Remember how MJ grinned at Paul McCartney during Say Say Say? Jay Z wanted to do an MJ with Prince’s unreleased catalog. From the reports I heard at the time of Prince’s death, they made his vault sound like there was 20000 produced tracks, a million hours of raw recordings, hundreds of unreleased music videos as well as 5 movies including 2 sequels to Purple Rain. $40m? Jiggah pls.

  3. mayabee

    Well, I’m about to expose myself once again for being the baby listener of the show (I was born in 1994 ayyyyyy) because I love these “special case that captured the nation” tv shows because I was in my mama’s belly during most of it. When People vs. OJ was on, I was so mad my mom didn’t watch it! The reason why she didn’t watch it: she distinctly being heavily pregnant watching the Bronco chase at work and she said she didn’t want to watch a dramatization because she LIVED it. Anyways that’s my unneeded ten cents on the Biggie and Pac show. Love y’all!

    • mayabee

      *remember being. Sorry this week is too long for me.

  4. Coonfucious (@Blike_Dante)

    Hey Rod and Karen.

    About Nintendo I’ve been faithful to them ever since I was little playing my sisters hand me down SNES. I have a WiiU and it’s honestly the best system they’ve had since N64 in my opinion. It’s actually way less gimmicky than the Wii with the only gimmick being that you can play it without having to turn on your TV via the sceen on the controller and a more complete, powerful console with the power to keep up with Sony and Microsoft. It felt like Nintendo was finding that balance between hardcore gamers and casual gamers. However the problem, and I agree with Karen here, is the name and their lack luster marketing. Naming a system “WiiU” isn’t gonna sell well here no matter how good the system is.

  5. hirojashibe

    Shout Out to Clown News; Totally Had you peg as not lasting past two days after Halloween. The ending of The Clown News segment would have made me sad, I laugh every time that Honk would come on signifying your appearance on the Show, but Look at You, Just Like a Champ, You Put Them Big Red Shoes One Foot At A Time and Made It To Trumps America. Not Only Did You Make It To Trumps America, But Just Like “The Whites” Showed Their True Nature This Election, You Showed Yours By Evolving To Be Part Of Sword Ratchness.

    Now, This Evolution Of Going From Just Being Clown News To Clown News/ Sword Ratchness I_ Am_ Not_ For_ This_ At_ All. Since, I Am Not A Well Meaning White Person Who Thinks Wearing A Safety Pin Is “The Solution” To Trump America. I Will Be Wearing One Of Those Flowers That Squirts Water and Putting In The Work To Stop The Furthering Of Clown News Sword Ratchness. This Needs To Stop Not In My America.

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