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BDS 181: We Told Ya’ll About Phil


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, make our NFL picks, Kaepernick, Sage Steel, Mike Evans, Art Briles, Phil Jackson’s posse comment, Corey Benjamin arrested for DV, Zab goes to jail, Maryland players accused of shooting kids with bb guns, Mike Stoops mad, Ben Simmons is a hero, Chris Collinsworth, D Rose suing his accuser, Lebron donating, concussions, Jet’s GM loves Fitzmagic, Roddy White, Kate Upton is unamerican, Steve Smith’s character is impugned, Texans can’t eat in Mexico, Von Miller sextape and some Purdue players accused of sexual assault.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jissa Rae

    Gotta check the pregame to see if Justin is sill with his problematic anti-Laurence agenda but whoooo that was some real shit! Almost as real as Terrelle Pryor going off on the Cleveland Blacks offensive line yesterday. People want to say that’s him stepping up and being a leader, but he’s seen what happened to the other five dudes that got hurt and he knows they’re getting to having to put him back there at quarterback. He doesn’t want any part of that! I just hope Hue Jackson lasts longer than Jeff Fisher. We shoulda known the Blacks couldn’t get a win in Trump’s America.

    And for all the Phil Jackson posse stuff to come out the same week as that espn article about Mark Cuban going out and being frat bros with Chandler Parsons just made the whole thing even more ridiculous. But I guess we know the real reason he banned their reporters from the team now.

    Alright y’all hope you have a banging ass Thanksgiving. And both of you have earned some real vacation time, not just podcast related. Gotta be thankful for real niggas in 2016 and I really do appreciate you. Justin don’t let the man work you too hard, you’ve got that 90 days in the bag.

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