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1329: Give Trump A Chance To Do What?


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Rod and Karen discuss Kanye gets hospitalized, Mos Def can leave South Africa, The Game ordered to pay 7 mil, Ray J does a new diss to Kim K, Sabra recall, porn hack, Trump porn search, mean girls make more money, LGBTQ news, CNN n-word controversy, Bob Johnson, Lil Ugly Dude, white people news, fight outside African American memorial, 7-Eleven pee crime, parents give away adopted kids and sword ratchetness.

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  1. reallydarkknight

    Is anyone really surprised that Bob Johnson is ready to sell Black folks and other POC down the river asking *US* to give Donald Trump a chance? He is just like Trump! Man, this is gonna be a looooonnnng 4 years. Eight if people keep running with Bernie’s chasing of racist people. Ugh!

    Oh, and we’ve watched Kanye’s descent. I guess I’m just too old to get pleasure watching it.

  2. bamil73

    Truth be told, Kanye getting hospitalised is a good thing in the aggregate. It ostensibly means that he is getting treatment for any mental health issues he may have. Even casual observers could tell that he has been spiralling toward this eventuality for a while, and with all the stigma in our community about mental health, this can only be a positive, unless you like music.

    Far be it for me to be in a position to want someone to not attend to their own self care, but consider this. I have listened to the gentleman’s music since College Dropout. I mean who here can’t relate to the couplet “if my manager insults me again, I will be assaulting him” or the fact that because of Monster I thought Nicki Minaj was a monster MC. It made me believe she was an automobile gangster with a Tonka, the color of Willy Wonka.

    If you notice the trend, as he spiralled further and further out of control, the music only got better, culminating in fact, to that perfect manifestation of music “Ultralight Beam”. I’m an atheist and that song makes me want to pray. This is my part nobody else speak. My worry is that if he gets the help he needs, the music won’t be as banging. Selfish, I know. Rod of the “The Black Guy Who Tips” probably thinks I’m a piece of shit, but “Balls Deep” and “Pregame” Rod know what I’m talking about (wink) and dead-Nintendo-guy slandering Karen, definitely knows what I’m talking about.


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