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1328: Condiments of the World

A selection, Cumbria

A selection, Cumbria

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Rod and Karen are joined by Leslie of The Interracial Jawn Podcast to discuss taking a break for mental health, Kanye West cancels concerts, Dave Chappelle getting 3 Netflix specials, Facebook combating fake news, AMC considering charging more for big movies, Kyle Norman, alpha males be depressed, Chipotle sued again, Twitter dealing with harassment, condiments around the world, fake black person twitter account, Steve Harvey racism, Detroit news anchor resigns, Kunta Kinte controversy, white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’ve tried Vegemite and it is straight up trash. It tastes like salty dirt. (Sorry Wonga) This condiments segment had me rolling and Karen’s reactions were priceless.

  2. Monica

    I was so torn when Rod started the top condiments list. The more exasperated and hopeless he sounded about getting thru the whole list, the more I was rooting for Karen to just send everything crashing to the floor with her interruptions. It was so damn funny.
    On the other hand, I still wanted to hear the list and Karen’s reactions to each condiment.
    Re:banana sauce.
    Karen: is it spicy?
    Rod: Karen I’ve never tried, I don’t know.


    Thanks to Leslie for the honest review of Vegemite. I’ve seen it in supermarkets here in NY. I’ll pass.
    Thumbs up for this segment.

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