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BDS 182: Old Del Beckham Sr.


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NFL picks, NFLPA doing weed research, college player girlfriend pours boiling water on him, Tom Brady won’t discuss politics any more, Richard Sherman, John Wall ejected twice, Ernie Johnson talks election results, Joel Embiid on Trump, Ed Hartwell cheating, Wisconsin bans nooses, Gabby Union, D’anegelo Russell, James Harden going to court, Keri Hilson split with Serge Ibaka, Reyes baby mama, Sherman Williams wants that support, Alshon Jeffrey suspended, Chris Bosh going after his baby mama again, Johnny Football reaches plea deal, DeAndre Levy, Kaep donating money, D Rose rape case update, Aaron Rodgers hasn’t spoken to family, Prep school molestation scandal, Stan Van Gundy, Cromartie baby mama drama, Celtics diss Durant, Rob Kelly, Donald Sterling settles lawsuit, Rose wont’ sell condo, Charlie Strong, Tiago Splitter files for divorce, Butler thinks he’s the best, Under Armour,  Browns eliminated from play offs, Jabari Parker on Trump, Knicks had team meeting already, Marcus Stroman rapping, Josh Smith playing in China and a Joe Thomas Sr makes NCAA debut at 55 years old.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Barkley

    See this is why I’m glad to be premium. Regular listeners think its Justin being the problematic one, but Rod over here clowning Chris Bosh and sickle cell just because it was there. Now, I know I ain’t shit either because I laughed my ass off and started playing Hit Em Up, but still. And why did I just realize that Black Jesus play was about Issa and her lying, cheating ways with Rod playing the clips? Nigga I’m out.

    Rod already came through with the most common sense take on the Castro stuff, but for Kap to get tackled by a Cuban American linebacker to end the game, in Miami, the weekend Castro died? Levels to this shit man. But quiet as it’s kept with all the off the field stuff, my man is balling lately! I know you see him putting up numbers on your bench Rod. Don’t tell me what my quarterblack can’t do! Well besides win games, but if we’re gonna be this trash might as well fight Doughstax for that #1 pick!

    And listen, what y’all not gonna do is sit here and clown black love. Shelden Williams was on that Love & Basketball. He’s gonna play her one in one… For her paycheck.

  2. CanuckDuke

    I wasn’t expecting to catch draft day slander on week 12. Shit. That was DEEP. LOL. This fantasy league started off too well for me. I remember a run of QBs going off the board and I was panicking like shit. oh well, could be worse I guess. Now I’m catching everyone’s best output and I’m sittin here shakin my head. Anyway, the invite to test drive Canada is still open. Although if you do switch, know that your Thaknsgiving is in October and you get Black Friday the day after Christmas.

    I’ll go back to wondering what the fuck happened to my fantasy team. Peace.

  3. ProfKori

    ” See, the way my petty is set up…” LOL!

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