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1332: Count Chocula Strokes


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Rod and Karen discuss the fall season, eating raw vegan food, Robocop, Highlander, The Hellfire Club, cassette tape smell, PSA’s for old people and scientist bosses, Tony the Tiger vs Furries, the Green party raising money to challenge results of presidential race, Obama has commuted 1000 prison sentences, US government accuses Russia of hacking, three mosques receive threats, woman gets threatening note for jogging with a head wrap, James Means, man busted with gift wrapped weed, man dies in wood chipper, white people news, man stomps puppies to death, woman inject feces into her son’s IV during cancer treatments, woman does revenge porn on her ex and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I laughed so hard when you were talking about your vegan restaurant experience. I think everyone has tried raw veganism at one point. It’s called eating a salad and that kind of sounds like what that pad thai, way. I saw that picture you posted of it on instagram and I said to myself, I hope it tastes better than it looks. Sorry it didn’t. I applaud anyone who can live that life because it ain’t me.

    Karen was right about the vegan soul food. I was watching an all def jam video on you tube where they tried a vegan soul food restaurant. They had vegan fried chicken, vegan mac and cheese and vegan greens. I can’t imagine that it would taste like the real stuff, but I’d try it at least once, if someone prepared it for me.

    Your recap of the Highlander movie had me in stitches. I must admit that as a Queen fan, I loved that dramatic ass soundtrack, but it gave me the giggles when you were talking about it. And yes, Christopher Lambert the main character in Highlander is a horrible actor. He played Raiden in the first Mortal Kombat movie and he was horrible in that too but I didn’t notice at first because I was just excited to see the movie. Let me say, it doesn’t hold up a second time and gets worse each subsequent screening. I think Christopher Lambert may still be acting in straight to DVD movies.

  2. reallydarkknight

    I might actually try veganism if it weren’t for the attitude of, you know, vegans. Vegans, crossfitters, evangelicals, etc., think that if they pound you into submission, you will see the light. NOPE! And no, i’m not going to read shit. I’m gonna enjoy this burger and I will turn on my location if you need to discuss this any further.

    Queen Karen was having a good time mixing up Count Chocula and the Count. Hilarious!

  3. Shera

    Sorry to hear about your raw vegan experience. It’s definitely not for everyone. I’m a vegan, but I don’t dig the raw variety much. Bean Vegan Cuisine in Charlotte is really tasty. I always hit them up when I visit my inlaws.

  4. Anzidavis

    Thank you Karen for killing me by laughter with your hot takes of Cereal and Muppet porn 🙂

  5. Yele O.

    It’s weird that a guy who can talk about anything from transgender rights to women’s reproductive freedom with empathy and understanding, hits a brick wall when the topic is veganism. Rod gets so bitter, uniformed, and ashy on that one issue.

    There are millions of people of color all over the world who abstain from eating animals and animal products: Hindus in India, Buddhists all over Asia, as well as millions of Black Americans that also choose to eat vegan. Also there are at least half a dozen vegan soul food restaurants in Atlanta alone. There’s also spots in D.C., New Orleans, etc where Black people are serving delicious, plant based foods. Dismissing veganism as being “for white People” is just silly.

    Veganism is a radical idea that we shouldn’t abuse, mistreat, maim, or kill other sentient beings just because we can. Just like white People shouldn’t mistreat people of color, men shouldn’t abuse women, on and on. I guess that sounds crazy.

    Anyone who’s interested should check out the book “Sistah Vegan” which is an anthology of Black women relating veganism to all oppressive structures. I’ll admit that it’s easier to understand coming from people who share your cultural lens.

    • rodimusprime

      At no point did I say veganism is “for white people.” It’s sad a “fan” of our show would stoop to such low attempts to take jokes about eating at a vegan spot as anti-blackness. Really trash manipulation of what was actually said on the show.

      • Yele O.

        Bruh…Where did I say anything about anti-blackness?

        Eat what you want, but you talk about veganism the way white People talk about Black Lives Matter.

        • rodimusprime

          You sound stupid.

          • Yele O.

            Nah. I’m just talking about something you don’t understand from a position you’re not familiar with. Be blessed.

            • rodimusprime

              I’m always blessed. You just went overboard with a ridiculous analogy.

  6. TanyaW42

    Oh man, it was so hard to hear Rod tear apart one of my most treasured movies of all time, but at the end of the day he is right — the original “Highlander” movie is definitely an 80s movie of its time, and having seen it for the first time as a teenager back in the day I was ignoring a lot of the flaws. However, even taking that into account, I still LOVE it in all it’s cheesy glory! In the 80s we loved overdramatic music, inexplicable Scottish accents on Spaniards, and big-ass foreheads! C’mon, it was the era of Sade, Naomi Campbell, and Tyra Banks! And I love that Rod still said, “Go see that y’all” after trashing it mercilessly! Ha!

    And if the nerd mafia hasn’t come after you yet Rod, the main character is Connor MacLeod, not Duncan (I think Duncan was the main character in one of the tv series).

    You both rule, peace!

  7. M.

    The round headed Count looks nothing like pointy head Count Chocula. They’re not even the same color. Ms. Karen on some They All Look Alike! 100.

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