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1333: The Face Cards Of White Surpermacy


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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s tooth pain, LGBTQ news, BLM mourns Castro, Japanese skating rink, white woman rants over Trump, CVS calls cops on black dudes, Nick Cannon, white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amani

    The time has come niggas, we need to make this The Black Guy Who’s Rich! We’ve got 1300+ episodes on the record of pro-blackness, but in the name of science it’s our duty to see what happens when you drop some paper in their pockets. I know Coqui’s with me! The warning signs are all there, birkenstocks and mayonnaise? It don’t get no whiter than that! And they’re already calling the cops on us at cvs for trying to raid their cheese supplies. Let’s just find out what Rod sounds like as a young, black, rich nigga.

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