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1334: Running A Tunnel


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Rod and Karen are joined by Dago and Nicole of the Breakfast For Dinner Podcast to recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. Wiz Khaleesi (Lisa)

    People were really hating on this episode bc Tara isn’t a “main” character but whatever, I loved it. The world is expanding as we discover new communities so naturally this half of the season will be slower to set up for 7B, where shit will truly go down. Cyndie was a great addition to the show too and yes, she does look like Kima from The Wire. Both actresses are half Korean, half black. I guess we’re getting a 2-for-1 deal to replace Heath & Glenn. lol

    Great guests this week, by the way. I am getting introduced to so many new podcasts that I’ll never run out of shit to listen to.

  2. Amani

    We know Negan likes to take half your shit, this time he just took half the population. You gotta read that fine print.

    And we need Rosita and Carol to get together and give Oceanside target practice. Michonne can come too judging by her attempts with that Sniper rifle.

  3. Sand Zombies

    I’m a newbie to TWD (again, thanks to a year of listening to your recaps). I was surprised to see Dr. Dre in the Z Poc. And yeah, those braids are bad. If it’s one thing I’d expect folks would have time for, it’s braiding hair. It’s not like they are watching tv shows or anything. I never thought about survivalist hair I’m guessing if the Z Poc actually does come, i’ll opt for locs or a fro, since I won’t be getting fresh fades. I guess I’ll need to add an afro rake to my survival kit.

    Oh, and Rod, how you gonna mansplain to Karen about tunneling? I have to take a woman’s word for it that tunneling does exist and is a serious thing.

  4. Forest

    Also, Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently said he’s going to be in Season 8. So, I’m predicting this season will culminate with building the coalition to go to war with Negan in the next season.

  5. Forest

    I think you’re right about the women at Oceanside and the library people. Remember, that’s where Abe found that rocket launcher. So, it would make sense that Oceanside would have all that artillery if that’s where they came from.

  6. Anonymous

    I’m thinking you’re right about the people at the library. When you consider the artillery the women had and the fact that Abe found a damn rocket launcher at the library, it totally makes sense that it would be the same group.

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