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BDS 183: The Cuban Kaepernick Crisis


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NFL picks, Laras Pippen, Gilbert Arenas not expecting another kid, Steve Francis DUI, Dennis Rodman hit and run, PSU alums mad at Levy, Notre Dame, Rutgers sexual assault, Popovich has town hall meeting, Mark Cuban, Dez Bryant v Josh Norman, Zander quits football, Melo hangs with D Wade and D Rose, Martellus Bennett, Westbrook triple double, Terri Hines, Al Horford paternity leave, Wade hates honesty, Von Miller sex tape alibi, Mayweather, Sharper sentenced, Eric Dickerson controversy, Manziel being sued, Dwight Howard, Usain Bolt not engaged, Nick Young sued, Chelsea pays player to be quiet over sexual abuse, Udonis Haslem, Evan Turner got paid too much, Phil Jackson slick, Charlie Strong fired, Tim Tebow, Shaq’s son, max deals could reach 200k, Seantrel Henderson fired over weed, RG3 got got, Clint Bowyer, Steph Curry could one day play for Hornets, Ginobili, Colorado player arrested, Barkley and MJ still beefing and Chapecoense soccer club tragedy.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J Fisher

    Who does Justin have pictures of? That’s why he’s really still on Balls Deep right? Turk knows Rod’s secrets from school and he’s holding it hostage. Just taking inspiration from Jeff Fisher living that good to be white life. My man only has six wining seasons in 22 years and none since Obama’s been in the White House. He hasn’t won a playoff game since 2003! But he’s still the head of the coach’s committee and getting 2 year extensions. I guess it helps when your agent is the father of your boss and Rams VP of Operations.

    And It wasn’t a testicle foul this time, but the league gotta handle Donkey still kicking people. He’s out here talking about that his body’s reaction, well my natural reaction when somebody puts their feet on me is to put hands on them so he should be good with that right? Are we sure Draymond isn’t Prince Leron? They sure do use a lot of the same tactics. Rod said it last week, every team needs a goon just to make sure this kinda stuff doesn’t happen.

    But that Rockets/Warriors game was a monster. Christmas day can’t get here soon enough so we can stop pretending the NFL has been trash this year. I’d be sick watching if I were an OKC fan though, we had three of the top 5 players in the league and we kept Kendrick Perkins instead of re-signing James Harden. Now he’s putting up 30 and 12, and KD doing everything in Golden State except brushing his hair. It’s a cold world.

    P.S. What’s gonna happen first? Rod finally watches that Ben Simmons doc, or Pat McCrory finally concedes the election? Alright y’all have a good week.

    • Amani

      Well damn that fast, Rod really has no choice now.

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