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1336: But HE Woke Me Up This Mornin’


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. EvieE

    My husband left me for an eighty year old woman, and my daughter ran away. I got hit by a car and broke both my legs. I lost my job and got the sugar and can’t afford my medicine. But you know what? He woke me up this morning.

  2. FalconsDiva

    I’m so mad at y’all for that intro! Old church folks competing for who has it worse off but ‘can’t complain’ crack me up!

    I’ve been rushing to get caught up while being worried that y’all would go on break as soon as I was current. Thank you for the warning that you might be out soon.

    Can I just add that I almost wrecked my car listening to Karen’s Count Chocula/The Count confusion?

    I swear, I love y’all!!!

  3. Jackie

    If the congregation is rich, then I have no problem with a rich preacher, but if the congregation is dirt poor and the preacher is rich, I have a big problem with that.

  4. bamil73

    Yele O is furiously calling Willie D about Rod and Karen now.

    Your riff about HE woke me up this morning, had me in stitches. It reminds me of people back home in Jamaica.
    “How you doing?”
    “no money a run, me have a pain in me side but me just taking a hard life easy because me a God pickney”

  5. Miss1ko

    Man I had to donate just because of the Sunday morning testimonials. HE woke me up. Folks being serious about a joke are the joy killers of life. I serve a Jesus who gifted us with laughter. Amen. The competition of who ain’t complaining….. Was golden. But that building fund…… Lol. And side note:Karen’s laugh always makes my day. I life loudly like that often and I don’t feel alone in the world.

  6. Shera

    Thanks for getting on that guy’s ass about being a holy than thou vegan. There are many reasons that people decide to eat a strictly vegan diet (ethical, health, etc). I’m unable to process dairy and meat is just not something I enjoy eating. Basically do you. I would never push my views onto someone else. People hate that crap. Eat whatever you want just don’t bug me about my choice. P.S. Thanks for pronouncing my name correctly. I was most definitely named after a cartoon character. Love your show!

  7. ProfKori

    I can’t believe how hard I laughed when you Lil Wayned me! I can’t believe you caught me off guard with that!

    • ProfKori

      Hey, offering a critique of the pronunciation of my name is the same as talking about my mama! Watch out! I’ll fight ya!

  8. Lauren in Pittsburgh

    The Amish do have phone booths on their farms, so maybe they have Twitter tents as well. You’ll find out if you get an angry tweet hand carved in wood with a mule avi.

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