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1337: Compassion Fatigue


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Rod and Karen discuss exposing a podcasting troll who took it too far, a long discussion on Trevor Noah interviewing Tomi Lahren, white people news, man kills his parents, tutor breaks a kids jaw and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amani

    Shit like this is so frustrating because this is the exact opposite energy you put out into the world, but don’t ever take that kindness for weakness. Love y’all like play cousins so you know I was ready to ride behind anybody calling Queen Karen outside her name, but I know that’s not what y’all want and out of respect we all held back. That’s what asshole trolls don’t understand, they think everybody is as fucked up as them but appreciate you for staying true to yourself.

    That’s why we rock with you, and a testament to what you guys have built. I know shit’s draining, especially as empathic as Rod is but it matters because so many folks are afraid to be fighters. Really do love and support y’all from the bottom of my soul and hope the procedure goes well Karen!

  2. Paula Howley

    I started my day in a lot of pain…shitty start to my day. But then I started listening to this episode of TBGWT and MAN! Was it fun listening to Rod do his detective work to find whatshisname the racist redneck? You bet it was! In fact it was fucking AWESOME. Well done guys.
    Yes, I agree with Michelle. Sometimes people DO deserve to be clapped back. What you guys put into the world is valuable as opposed to racist redneck who puts misery and ugliness into the world.
    Karen, you are the bomb and your laugh is a genuine thing of beauty. Rod, I just love how you were like “you can say what you want about the show, about our opinions, but you come after my wife and you have fucked with the wrong dude.” You guys made my day.

  3. andbigdaddy2

    Trevor Noah and the media in general have shown us time and time again they are Zan from Atlanta. They exploit for profit. Rush exploits racists using their fears and Trevor Exploits Liberals. To Trevor and his dick she is just playing a role to get paid. The whole thing sours the show for me same as when I found out John Stewart was friends with Bill O’Reilly.

  4. FalconsDiva

    I absolutely LOVE when Rod has time. The takeaway from Rod and Karen: worry ’bout yoself!

  5. Mirah Nirvana

    I’m here for the clapback. Compassion fatigue my ass. Consequences are consequences. LOVE THE SHOW!!!

  6. Allie

    LMAO @ Karen’s “stripper buttons” love y’all!!

  7. bamil73

    In theory I didn’t feel that fucked with because Trevor Noah interviewed Tomi Lahren. That drinks after shit is unacceptable however. I hate using gendered insults but, because her racism is palpable, she is a racist bunt (shout out to Thug Yoda) who doesn’t accept his humanity so I don’t get the post interview camaraderie.

  8. Miss Gamine Dream

    Rod had time today. Good for him.

  9. Selester63

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    I loved the way you handled that troll. When you started the show, and broke down what happened I was like “Oh Shit, this dude has fucked with the wrong one”. And then at the end of the show when the troll emailed you saying he was sorry and begging for you to not report his fucked-up behavior to his job, I bust out laughing. It’s all fun and games until he has to explain to his family how he lost his job over some stupid bullshit. All he had to do was mind his fucking business and leave you alone but instead he chose to try to harass you and insult Karen. Whatever happens to him is his own fault, fuck him. Anyway, I enjoy the show as always. Peace.

  10. Coonfucious (@Blike_Dante)

    I delighted in Rod going full evil. You can say what you want about me but once you say something about my woman, you can meet me in Temecula.

  11. Michelle

    I like petty Rod. Sometimes people deserve to be clapped back.

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