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1338: Moodea: Diary Of A Mad Cow


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Rod and Karen discuss the resolution of dealing with that troll, McCrory concedes, Last Tango in Paris controversy, Justice Robin Camp removed, man stormed a DC pizza place over a fake news article, mistrial in Michael Slager trial, LGBTQ news, white people news, couple goes missing in desert, man dies of cow attack and sword ratchetness.

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  1. hirojashibe

    I do not know which version of Rod’s Pettiness I like the most :

    Plain Old Petty Rod
    Petty Rod: The Troll-slayer
    Petty Rod On Detective Mod ( ala Batman Arkham Game ) : The Troll Annihilator
    I just cant decided. Its like deciding which version of Mario Kart Game to Play; they ‘re all Great.
    Decisions Decisions….

    Have to Go with Petty Rod On Detective Mod . If You Can Be Batman Be Batman.

    One Finale Thing:

    Left This Comment late Friday Night, Feedback Show is on Saturday, John Glenn Died on a Thursday.
    Are Karen and Rod going to give us another Edition of :

    Whose this White Person?

    Because that would be awesome.

    Have a Great Saturday!

  2. Clara

    Loved y’alls So So Def-initely Not Getting Married Jagged Edge remix during white people news. Karen, your verses were particularly fire! You and your husband were hilarious. ; ) Lol #BigFan (But really, Karen really had me rollin’)

  3. Mack

    I think your troll will still troll, he just won’t troll y’all anymore. His boss was caping for him and exploring just to find out how far you were going to push it. That was some trash: “it seems your show has some profanity…” Actors curse in movies, but the law doesn’t just let you roll up on them and harrass them.

    2 days with Karen spitting hot fire back-to-back. Yesterday she was killin ’em with the empathy and sympathy. Today she spit those Obamacare bars.

    Y’all keep your heads up and hold on.

  4. Mirah Nirvana

    I’m still at the beginning of the show. The deplorable troll that’s going back and forth with Rod is hilarious! SMH. LOL @ “your wife” Dude!! You can’t possibly be a fan! Hey Karen!!

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