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1339: Negan’s Black Wife


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Rod and Karen are joined by Ms Smart of the Whiskey, Wine and Moonshine podcast and thinkprettysmart.com to discuss The Walking Dead.

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  1. Anthony Animal thug Tatum

    Man, this why I love this show. I noticed that black wife right off the bat. I bet she got all the bonnet’s in too

  2. Amani

    What if Michonne wants to go to Negan so she can get some of that hair product the Saviors have been stock piling? She was mad about the burned mattresses but if he took her shea butter for his Black wife that’s a fight he don’t want.

    And I really need Rosita’s one bullet to be for Spencer. Even Gabriel is tired of his shit.

  3. Dunedragon


    Tara- You have to understand
    Heath- There is nothing to understand.
    Tara- There is every chance neither of us would have made it out alive.
    Heath- You should have given me the choice. I could have been the only man in the mist of dozens of horns women at Oceanside. But nooooo. You had to go spoil everything by running away.


    Another great podcast guys. I think it’s one of Negan’s mind games with the key and note in Darryl’s cell. I have a hopes that they do a real twist and have Rick and the crew come at Negans AS the Whisperers. Michone and the guts smearing cloak of zombie invisibility is already half way there.

    This time, next week, withdrawal symptoms. Have a good one, guys.

  4. Luckedout

    There were a lot of callbacks in this episode.

    I think the big herd the Saviors are redirecting is the same herd that Rick sent their way (it was the direction that Daryl, Sasha and Abe encountered the Saviors the 1st time).

    The sign that gun enthusiast and the note the prepper left reminded me of previous seasons were people left messages before being zombified, like the hanged dude with the rhyme (Got bit. Fever hit. World gone to shit. Might as well quit). A benefit of being in the boondocks is a higher concentration of doomsday preppers you hope die early. It’s like an RPG where you have to solve their puzzles to win the loot.

    When Daryl saw Carl was in the same room with the wives, he got real agitated. He might have been having flashbacks to the Claimers and the guy who tried to rape Carl. Calling Carl adorable, playing mind games and showing him around; it all comes off as predatory, so it’s not that far a jump to assume within the context of that room.

    Since the episode jumped around between people, different things could be happening at the same time, so when Michonne asked to be taken to Negan, I’m gonna laugh if that woman drives her to Alexandria. All that work for nothing.

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