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BDS 184: Testicular Terrorism

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NFL pick ems, Serena Williams pens powerful essay, Tyreek Hill, Schefter going to work with NBA, Oakland public officials abusing Warriors’ tickets, Basketball Wives, Clint Bowyer gets paid, Ryan Lochte gets an offer, Chandler Parsons’ Christmas wish, Mateen Cleaves gets off, Lebron won’t stay at Trump hotels, Phil Jackson, Rashaan Salaam suicide, Will Smith killer on trial, C.J. Miles, Johnny Manziel reaches plea deal, Bautista won’t be going to the Orioles, NBA calendar changing, Bud Selig on steroids, Montee Ball is free, Matt Barnes accused of hitting women, HS Football player accused of rape, Porzingis wants us to give Trump a chance, Khloe Kardashian, goal keeper cries, football coach texts recruit’s mother 416 times and Gregg Popovich.


  1. H.C.

    What’s good Rod and JRenfroe,

    I’m still in the afterglow of my improbable fantasy football playoff win. I was sick to my stomach when my Melvin Gordon got carted off in the first quarter and thought I was done. And as a respectable human being, I try not to root for injuries, BUT…when I saw Chrichelle’s man Matt Forte got hurt in the first quarter and wasn’t returning to the game, I hit that slow Herman Cain grin and was partying! Anyway…

    I don’t know, that KG college reality show y’all talked about last week might be great. He might not seem crazy in real life, BUT that story did come out when Tyronn Lue talked about how KG got so fired up while watching Making the Band, that he headbutted a hole in the wall. To be fair to him, that moment when the two teams were singing “End of the Road” was quite intense, but I’d definitely watch a show where KG was super hyped about competitive college activities, such as “KG pledges kappa” or “KG must get a B on this test to make Dean’s List,” or “KG and the homies holla at the ladies on the yard.” Sounds like fun to me.

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Jackson

    How long did you try to tell us about Phil? Quasimodo out pissing everybody off and making my life hell. Got LeBron so mad at us he’s playing games on the sidelines during the game action. Just fully embracing that Cleveland petty that flows through Doughstax’s veins. Then he’s gonna fuck up his own team and piss off Melo saying he holds the ball too much. This nigga is just trying to get fired now so he can go back to LA now that they have a future and take all the credit. You ain’t slick Phillip! But quiet as it’s kept, the Knicks and Dat Zingis have been balling lately, 11-4 in their last 15. I can’t wait to see how we manage to screw it up. I just want to see what wins out between Rod’s Melo agenda and the anti-Phil one.

    And went back and listened to the Drunk Deep Sports episode the other day. Y’all called Aaron Rogers being on them PEDs man. He still hasn’t been shit since he cycled off them steroids. When you’re right, you’re right! That’s why this is the best sports show on the planet. Fuck athletics! Can’t nothing beat that wisdom passed down from crazy dudes at the Y, don’t need to watch the damn games!

    But I will be watching D. Wade’s break baby mama on basketball wives. Great show as always.

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