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1340: Gone Off That White Girl

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Rod and Karen are joined by DJ Benhameen of the Fan Bros Show to discuss his book “The World Is Yours”, Flint getting 170M to fix water system, the Grammy nominations, literacy isn’t a right in Detroit, landlord as sex on tenants’ bed, bionic penis man, Sabra recalls hummus, man dies after being force to clean a bathroom, Lee Daniels’ on racism, Charlemagne using Tomi Lahren to troll black women, black employees file suit against CNN, white people news, trap house mannequin challenge leads to arrests, inaccurate drug test gets two innocent people arrested and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anthony P Tatum

    I could not have agreed more with Ben’s comment on Trevor Noah. That dude is lame as fuck. I watched that Netflix because people raved about it. This dude pissed me off with his commentary on the black community in America that he clearly knew nothing about. It was Black jokes about black people for white people but with a white point of view. Not cool bro.

    Thank you for the excellent episode. In the coming years I am aware that my black rage will make my headphones increase in size to mute out the “White noise” and kept the blackness in ✊ .

    I love y’all

    Anthony Animal thug Tatum Sr.

  2. EvieE

    Charlemagne has been his own Donkey of the day for years. He’s a troll hobgoblin.

  3. Where they at, where they at, where they at

    I can’t help but wonder if Willie D won’t have volume 3 ready by the time y’all get back on the air. This has been quite a week.

  4. mayabee

    I’m a big nerd so the celebrities I’ve met are like book and comic book writers. This past summer, I met Majorie Liu (she writes Monstress and some old X-Men books), Meg Cabot (the only white woman writer I will willingly read, she wrote The Princess Diaries), and Gene Luen Yang (he writes Superman currently). Last year or so, I met Tim Seeley (writes Hack/Slash, Grayson, Revival) at a con. However, my mama did meet her white baes, the Property Brothers, this summer as well and chased my ass down so I can post it on her facebook. Oh, and I was in the pit at a Morris Day concert so I got to see him sweat out his process up close and personal.

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