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1341: Riddled With Beautiful Blackness

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Wiz Khaleesi (Lisa)

    Hey Karen & the husband, sorry in advance if this comment is too long. I was going to do this as a voicemail last week but I chickened out.

    I’m Somali-Canadian so while I am black, I don’t have the lived experiences or history that a black person from America has. A lot of us from the motherland forget this when trying to give our 2 cents. This is why I enjoy your podcast so much. I get to learn a lot, feel included in the big umbrella of blackness but also have a reminder that it’s okay for me to stay in my lane when it comes to certain topics.

    Trevor’s view on racism in the US is interesting to note because immediately after apartheid, the new South African government under Mandela started the Truth & Reconciliation Committee in 1994, which had victims and perpetrators of human rights violations give testimonies in public in an open forum. This process was also broadcast nationally to the homes of all South Africans, reminding white people of the horrors of apartheid. Whether that worked or not is a different story altogether but this could be why Trevor has the attitude he has. He thinks racists are just people who deserve a chance and can see the error of their ways if you talk to them nicely. This shit would never work in America, a country where too many white people have problems admitting racism didn’t begin & end with slavery, where the mainstream idea is to put your head in the sand like an ostrich & pretend these systemic issues are due to people not “working hard enough” or simply being unlucky. I like hearing the perspective he has as a foreigner but when it comes to certain things, he should step back and let others lead.

    Anyway, enough with my word vomit. Thanks for all that you do and happy holidays to you & yours.

    Love always,



  2. FalconsDiva

    I have an hour commute from work. I drove all the way home with my face twisted just thinking of having to get teeth pulled through my nose. God bless you Karen – you are truly a trooper!

    Yeah, Dani is delusional. I enjoyed the first recap of the troll but when I heard it on Pregame, it was even better!!! Plus the trolls bring out the TBGWT love even more. With that said, I hope Jason/James/Dani has had enough.

  3. Dana W

    I almost choked to death on my own dry snort after hearing Rod pronouncing “au courant” with the most reddit-y French accent ever. It’s so hilarious to me that not only does he keep writing in, he starts every letter with the frequency that he listens to the show, like, “I listen several times a week” or “I listen every day.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard a real fan comment start that way. It’s always “I’ve been listening since this summer,” or “for years” or whatever. Troll is like, “I have listened to theee point eight episodes this cycle.” Weird dude.

    Anyway, Karen I’m so glad you’re doing okay after the surgery and glad Rod held it down taking care of you!

    Now I’m gonna go back to listening to the show and writing fanfic about Negan’s Black Wife.

  4. bamil73

    Someone left a voicemail on this episode of the show. I think her name was Iman and she mentioned Silkk the Shocker and how it reminded her of high school. She was so exuberant that it made my Monday morning which started out pretty shitty as I had to wade through 6 inches of snow to get to the bus stop, only to sit beside this white lady on the bus that said didn’t want me to sit beside her. So shout out to Iman (I think that’s who it was) for de-shitty-fying my day. Oh, and the rest of the show was great too.

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