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BDS 185: Playing The African Card

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Pigskin Pick’em, Melo vs Phil, Draymond ball kicking, Todd Bowles, Cousins and Barnes sued over nightclub fight, Craig Sager, Victor Cruz see racism, Brows tickets, Nigerian women’s bobsled team has our support, Melo skeptical on NBA CBA, Alvin Gentry on the chopping block, Lamar Jackson Heisman, DeAndre Jordan drama, David Stern on Chris Paul trade, Drake loves UNLV ladies basketball, Noel back, NBA MVP should be LeBron, Warriors donate to charity, Yeezy Foundation, fans want to bring guns in Washington, Pacman don’t like Pryor, NFL wants to play 4 games in London, Rex Ryan, Popovich, Cardell Hayes, Ben Simmons sister drama, Carlton Bragg Jr., Dede Westbrook, Adrien Broner sex tape, America East Conference protesting HB2, Chad and Andre Johnson celebrate Christmas.


  1. Selester63

    What Up Rod, J-Kringle and Queen Karen,

    I just wanted to wish you and the BDS crew a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope the new year brings continued success for TBGWT family. Peace.

  2. Amani

    Hey Karen and Rod (possibly Justin)

    The Queen dusting off the jersey back from the rafters to hang out with us common folk. We missed you on Balls Deep! Now we just gotta get Baron Davis to replace Rod and we’ll be set. If he’s bringing Lucille around, Karen gotta let him know there will be consequences.

    But y’all ain’t never lied, that fast food pimping is real! Started in middle school dropping my little bit of Spanish to the lunch lady and she always made sure to stash a chocolate milk and cookies for me even if they sold out. Got a Popeyes hookup now that makes sure I ALWAYS get the fresh biscuits. Won’t have my ass out here suffocating on them dry ass ones.

    People talking about Jim Brown, but don’t forget Ray Lewis was in that meeting with Trump too. You know what that means, we’re not getting rid of those Thursday night games anytime soon. Hope you’re ready for 12 months of NFL! Only way to bring the crime rate down. Fuck a CTE. Coon Stoppers couldn’t get to that one huh?

    And Craig Sager got the game figured out. Fuck up some suits and then fuck up some commas! Craig Sager walked so Cam could run. He belongs in the hall of game for the hustle alone, but everyone who’s ever met him raved about how good a person he was. I know a few interns who worked at NBC during the Olympics and they all swore by him. Said he would come to the back, buy drinks for everybody, really sit and talk to you and was the only one besides Lester Holt who would even make eye contact with them. That goes a long way in my book, so rest in peace man. Thanks for all the great shows and Merry Christmas!

    • Amani

      And damn I tried to hold out but somewhere George Karl is listening and praising Rod. He’s been feeling like he’s the crazy one with everybody else denying Boogie is an asshole. At least try to surround him with solid, corny veterans like Stack Jack on the Spurs, don’t double down and bring in Matt Barnes. How many weeks in a row has Boogie been in the news doing dumb shit before we all have to come around on him?

  3. FalconsDiva

    Hi Rod and Karen (and maybe Justin)!!! I hope you’re enjoying your vacation Justin

    I was listening to the show on the day Craig Sager died. I was a little sad about the announcement of his death. But when Justin said he hoped they inducted him into the sportscaster HOF soon, I couldn’t help but laugh. Does that make me a savage?

    My Falcons are still hanging in there. I don’t root for the Cowboys, but hopefully the Bucs will lose this weekend so my Falcons can secure their spot at the top of the NFC South. My Hawks however have not been good in Trump’s America. We were 9-2 one week after the election. Now we’re 12-13 about to face the 18-7 Raptors… I normally don’t REALLY get into the NBA until after the football season, but as you’ve noted, the NFL has been trash this season. So I jumped on the NBA in October this year – unfortunately my team has been trash for the past month. It’s so hard being an Atlanta fan. It’s even worse being an Atlanta fan that was born and raised in Cleveland, OH with my second home being in NC. I get it consistently for not rooting for the Cavs and Panthers. But I’m hanging in there – please don’t pity me LOL.

    Another great show – thank you for keeping me laughing. I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season (Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza and Happy New Year!)

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