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1343: Can’t Hack The Willing

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Rod and Karen Trump stuff, 50 Cent mad at Golden Globes, overdue library book, Petco Santa pedo, Russia election hack stuff, Sherri Shepherd, UK wants porn ID numbers, new phone emojis, LGBTQ news, Young Thug says he apologized, NAACP awards, criminal hides in pond and parrot snitch.

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  1. reallydarkknight

    I don’t feel sorry at all for Young Thug or any of these young cats putting shit on video. He was more than willing to clown these women on video since that would get all the clicks and not really have to apologize for it. As much shit as Black women take, I don’t know what to do about these dudes. Maybe I’m just old.

    Karen, I know why I didn’t ever want a parrot in my house…dry snitching while I’m not there!

  2. silverback

    GAWD DAMN this was good episode title yall (and episode too). Made me do the proprietary black woman um huh, when i read the title. Karen and Rod yall keep on giving me life through this podcast i’mma have to go on amazon and buy me some MLK church fans while interacting with the show. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR !!!

    • silverback

      damn i spelled Un-Huh wrong 🙁

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