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1344: 12 Years A Mullet

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Rod and Karen recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. ChanceEncounter

    Glad this episode isn’t behind the paywall yet cause I can’t get it to download properly on through iOS (it cuts off after about 66 minutes). Love your recaps and have loved this season so far so I was fiending for it and got the shakes when the recap cut off in the middle.

    Anyway, you two have the best recaps. Hope you have an great Holiday season.

  2. D Ramsey PhDone

    You guys are hilarious!!! Just discovered the podcast this week.
    Negan is a bad mutha!
    Question: Why was Michonne not in the backseat of the car instead of up front with the gun extremely too close to both her and the woman?

  3. Wiz Khaleesi (Lisa)

    Looks like Spencer got a gut full of Negan… ‘s knife. *yyeaaaaah!* [CSI Miami theme plays loudly & shatters your eardrums]

    In all seriousness, It was so obvious once we saw that creepy Saviour holding Enid’s balloons ransom. Negan may be brutal but he’s the only one keeping this group of degenerates from raping & killing whenever they please. Sure, there are lots of Sherrys, Dwights and Fat Josephs (RIP) just trying to survive but Negan probably has a lot of serial killers & other violent criminals in his crew too. Lord help us all if they’re let loose on the world. The upside is that they might end up killing each other.

    Also, count me in on the spinoff of TWD called the Adventures of Negan’s Black Wife (unofficial title), where we get a flashback on how she survived up until she settled in The Sanctuary & how Negan sends special raiding groups just to keep her hair laid & skin moisturized. haha

    Anyway, love you guys 🙂

  4. EvieE

    If I was Daryl, I would have left a doo doo surprise in Dwight’s peanut butter, but that’s just me because I’m petty.

  5. Amani

    You come at the King, you best not miss! Rosita you had one job to do, and you only grazed Lucille? You don’t get to talk shit to Eugene ever again. He held up his end of the bargain and you blew it. He told her ass that she wasn’t gonna be the one to pay. She was there, she knew it too but she was talking all that cash shit only to miss?

    Meanwhile her old fucktoy Spencer got all cleaned up for his date, and Negan damn sure did get up in them guts! Listen the only thing Negan did wrong this episode was do all that cooking and not even clean up. Rick gotta make him pay for that. Yes, Rick. Daryl handed him his dick back… I mean his gun and he left Reek behind.

  6. Dunedragon

    Sorry for the long comment but I’m trying to extend things before Walking Dead withdrawal sets in.

    Rob, you killed me with your Morgan impersonation. Was brushing my teeth at the time and did a spit take. The gist you had about Carol and her ability to fight in the next half of the season takes me back to last season episode 12 when Carol and Maggie were captured by the saviors and Carol was having panic attacks, clutching the rosary beads. Carol’s acting weak and feeble is so good, I dont know whether that was real or an act now. This is what you call breaking the fourth wall with her deceptive acting. Even us at home dont know.

    Now Negan has had lots of laissez-faire postures while giving his monologues with Lucille in hand, but none is more pimpish than when he walked out to meet Spencer on the porch. He defied gravity, he leaned back so far. The niggah looked like he was a former Smooth Criminal background dancer. Im waiting to see a meme where they put a Huggy Bear hat and coat on him.

    Is it me or does the time it takes to turn decreased seriously since Season one? i wasnt expecting Spencer to change that soon.

    And finally 🙁 for the second week in a row i am writing in a Whisperers theory. This time its on Wireboots. As they are not showing a face and the clothes did look a bit tattered, I think its them slipping in to the plot the same way Saviors slipped in while we were fretting over the Wolves.

    Great podcast (as usual). The shakes have started. Think I have to go back and watch one of my favorite scenes on a loop to keep me over. “TAINTED MEAT!!” Hope Karen is 100% now from the procedure!


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