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SMR 111: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rod and Karen review Disney’s newest addition to the Star Wars universe, Rogue One.

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  1. Chris from Hawaii

    Great recap! Hits many of the cooler points of the movie. The main thing for me is, throughout all of the previous films (and I’ve been around for the initial theatrical releases of all of them because i’m old) was the acting was so corny. The lines were corny and (with the exception of Alec Guinness; Peter Cushing; and the Emperor) the rest of the acting was questionable. Not the case here. Even w/ the comedy beats everyone was on their A game in the acting department and what was said meant something. Hope we’re done with the Death Star story line and can actually go back to explore the history of the Force and the split between the Jedi and the Sith with a story line like a quality kung fu flick with bad ass Jedi and Sith just going at it.

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