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TNO 73: Coon Stoppers

Rod, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, Rogue One, a new time travel show premise, what we’ve been playing and watching, PewDiePie prank, Luke Cage season 2, Lucasfilm executive team has 50% women, Star Wars boycott, Yu-Gi-Oh! stabbing, Apple patent case, X-Men movie filming in 2017, Little Shop of Horrors remake, The mummy gender change, Ironfist white savior discussion, Deadpool / Wolverine movie, Million Dollar Extreme canceled, Tom Cruise, Nintendo Switch will have Gamecube virtual console games, Justice League 2 pushed back, Powerless, Gotham City Sirens, Gypsy coming to The Flash, Sonequa Martin-Green gets lead in Star Trek, Matt Damon movie made bank in China, NES classic sales, Marco Polo canceled, the Last Guardian has low sells, Wonder Woman dropped by UN, NASA news, Elon Musk, Lena Headey court case, self driving Google cars, J.J. Abrams developing series, Call of Duty, Pokemon Go doesn’t help lose weight, nab embezzled million to play Game of War and Lionhead is a petty studio.


  1. O4Soldier

    What’s up Nerd Off Crew? Great shows as usual. I wanted to let y’all know about this new game that I’ve been playing nonstop lately that just released on PS4..

    it’s called Ark: Survival Evolved. In my opinion, it’s everything no man sky wanted to be. with the added benefit of being on all 3 platforms.

    It has persistent death, open worlds, base building, PvP PVE, guns and not to mention dinosaurs..? Dinosaurs that can be trained and ridden on..

    So I think yall should maybe check it out.

    Sorry in advance for adding adding another game to your playlist as I know the struggle of too many games to play but not enough time to play them all..

  2. Mike in London

    Question: does this have spoilers for Rogue one? I am carefully avoiding hearing SMR until after I’ve seen it, but is TNO safe?

    • rodimusprime

      We kept it very general and spoiler free BUT I don’t know what you’d specifically qualify as a spoiler. We did mention things you know from the trailer like which bad guys are in the film and if we liked the scenes or not.

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