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1345: Wesley Pipes Parrot

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. FalconsDiva

    Tim’s story had me heated and it’s not even my house!

    And since I didn’t listen to the episode until AFTER this episode, I have to let you guys know Karen’s pet store Santa mixup had me in tears. I swear, I might have to stop listening while driving before I get in an accident. I was crying so hard at the pet-o-phile Santa (get it? PETophile? LOL) that I could barely see.

    Thanks as always for making me laugh.

  2. Mack

    Y’all, today’s episode cover had me hiding my ipod from the view of my kids! Ol’ freaky parrot!

    Good show, though.

  3. Shauna de Gruyl

    I am going to get my act together and give y’all a review, because i love y’all so much. I never listened to podcasts until i saw you guys suggested in a thread on fb. Now i look so forward to it, and constantly look for other podcasts that i can be as into..there arent any. Thank you both! Y’all are the shit. May the force be with you. ✊p.s. i love karen and i love it when she laughs. Happy Holidays

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