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1346: Chocolate Wasted

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Rod and Karen discuss bowling, Rod’s random thoughts, Lupe Fiasco quits again, Utah rape kits, Lady Gaga vs Piers Morgan, minimum wage protest ends in arrest, NJ state trooper pulls over women, diversity talk by white dudes, Penn frat racism, Florida McDonald’s racism, fun slave song, black face school board member, trump supporter hugs man who sucker punched him, white people news, woman dies in a plant, inmate has a show from his cell, man shoots wife at karaoke bar and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I am so tired of black people always having to be the ones to forgive. Let someone sucker punch me. Not only will they catch these hands, I will never forgive them if they try to apologize. It’s fuck them, fuck their kids and fuck their mamas.

  2. FalconsDiva

    Effing with Black People was too much today. On my drive into work I found myself yelling ‘Oh My GOD!!’ and various curse words. Then I was at my desk when I heard the one about the trump supporter and the guy he punched. The silence immediately after had me checking my RSSRadio app. I thought something went wrong. Then the following clips expressing your mood on the subject allowed me to laugh a little – only a little because I was at work and I wanted to holler.

    Yup, White people news is exactly what we needed after that segment.

  3. uaintgottheansa

    This FWBP segment pissed me off. Listen, that teacher knew better. She would NEVER ask kids to sing a song about the holocaust while learning about Hitler. The frustrating part is that the school was already going through racists bullshit and then she puts something like that out?? She knew damn well what she was doing. She knew that she wouldn’t get in trouble and that the school district would have her back so she did whatever the hell she wanted to do. I’m gonna have to agree with you Karen, Im so glad I dont have any kids because this is the type of shit that lands parents in prison.

    And I can’t even begin with that that old ass racist white mf. He punched that man & then started talking about we need to heal the country?! Im not healing shit. Im so tired of people talking about joining forces with racist people and “helping them understand”. Im not a teacher and Im not helping anyone with shit. Just like we have to learn about their culture, they better get hip to ours. Lawdt, errybody gets 100!!!!!!

  4. thewritin1

    LMAO!! Y’all were in rare form TODAY! Rod’s random thought comparison of pimp and church lady hats nearly took me out. Then all the jokes about the lady who fell into the vat of chocolate? I’m glad my boss is on vacation because I howled with laughter. I love y’all!

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