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1348: Office Potluck

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Rod and Karen discuss office potlucks, Diamond and Silk, Wal-Mart boycott, racist HS student gets busted, racist woman not allowed in bar, man uses police for wedding proposal, firefighter frames BLM for arson, firefighter gets charged for threatening black couple, white people news, Santa had drugs, lawyer porn extortion scheme, employee leaves with the cash, teacher calls off wedding to sleep with 16 year old and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Miss Gamine Dream

    As someone who just had an office potluck this week, I could not stopping laughing during this episode. At one point, I had to leave my desk because I was scared my headphones might come out of my desktop and my colleagues would have known why I didn’t eat any of the gross shit they brought in.

    Best episode of the year. Thanks, Rod & Karen. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    You had me rolling on the floor laughing about the potluck office parties. When I worked in corporate America, all our parties were catered. At my current office, a non-profit, we have pot luck celebrations and it is multi-cultural AF in my office. After 11 years, I’ve learned to deal. Everyone here keeps in pretty basic but at first, my grandma’s voice would be in the back of my head like “You can’t eat everyone’s potato salad.”

    Even funnier, I was listening to this episode while on my way to my daughter’s school. Her class was having a Winter Solstice party. I seriously didn’t know it was going to be a potluck. I came in with the fancy wrapped cookies from the supermarket and I saw all those foil trays and Ziploc bowls. Couldn’t even front with the “I just ate” either. LMAO.

  3. Renate Malveaux

    But Karen…can we ,get that buffalo chicken dip recipe, tho? (I’m sure someone already asked for it in the group, but I’m not on Facebook) It sounds sooooooo good!

  4. DatGreenGuy

    LMAO Rod talking about black parent’s hating on their kids music brought me back to the days when my best friend’s dad used to very inapropriately refer to Bone Thugs N Harmony, as “Bone Thugs and Faggots”… terrible I know, but he never really cared much for the music, and decided to use the most inappropriate word he could think of to describe them.

  5. uaintgottheansa

    Btw, I love yall’s love. During the white people news segment, Karen had me cracking up & Rod, you just let her do her thing. lol. #blacklovemagic

  6. uaintgottheansa

    I understand the idea of having an awesome/memorable proposal, but that proposal was ridiculous & pissed me off. Having lost someone to police violence and with the black deaths that we’re seeing today, I was so upset to see this. It was a lot. That shit wasn’t romantic, nor funny. It was unsafe. I dont know how I would’ve reacted seeing cops pointing weapons at my man & him reaching in his pockets. Like, what?!? & to know that he emotionally traumatized her before by telling her he was “on the run” just put it next to “too fucking far” for a woman like me. People have seen their fathers, husbands, brothers and family members executed at the hands of the police and they’re “re-enacting” it for romance!? In the words of Rosa Parks, “nah”.

  7. Mack

    Re: potlucks, there are a couple of really good bakers in the office. But the major key is the sistas let you know who doesn’t wash hands in the bathroom so you can steer clear.

    • WhitleyFBrooks

      ^THIS!!! SO many nasty heifers don’t wash their hands! I’ve started yelling out “you’re gross!” as soon as I hear the door open. lol

  8. chelslovesshade


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