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1349: Artichoke Dip

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Rod and Karen are joined by Randolph and Andy of the Three Guys On Podcast to discuss buying comedy albums, Planned Parenthood cuts in TX, Lena Dunham apologizes, UCLA fires staff over Kanye leaks, news caster eat dip, R. Kelly petition, Christians mad at black woman God in movie, Top Chef at a plantation, doctor came at Michelle Obama, white people news, cop ties necktie for kid, toddler found in snow covered car, elf on a shelf mischief and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amani

    I think you missed a word in that Octavia Spencer as God story. Does she take a depressed man to a shack? Or to a chicken shack? Think about it, what would Jesus do?

    And as soon as you said that racist pastor was from Simi Valley I just KNEW we were in for good cism! That’s like hearing a weird news story is from Florida. That’s where Mark Fuhrman moved, where the Ronald Reagan library was built, and where they acquitted the cops in the Rodney King case. They’re always good for some peak racism. That’s the secret ingredient in their artichoke dip. Tastes just like vinegar.

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