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1350: Fairy Podparents

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. silverback

    Powerful feedback show. I wanna let yall both know i’m really excited that yall like the comics I picked. I went through like four different choices trying to pick the right one for Karen that wouldn’t leave her feeling like me when I was a kid and got socks for Christmas, aka what is this shit!?!? Wanted to point out, Karen’s comic is a Hip Hop Variant based off of N.W.A Straight out of comics.
    Just wanted to add an extra layer of blackness.
    Also I always bag and board my books, even though I like to physically read them when i can. I figure if i’m going to buy them I might as well kick in the extra cost to keep them in mint condition for down the road. I’m excited that you both intend to open them. Might have to send a Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur comic or Variant Sam Wilson Captain America in the future 🙂

    We had a office holiday lunch, no potluck thankfully. However Karen and Rod was right about the tactics of qwhite people entiltment was one of my coworkers coming into my office and asking me if I ate this office Pizza (no garlic butter like one of your beautiful fans mentioned in her voicemail.) lunch da fuck!!! She ain’t even make it Karen and Rod and she was trying to make me eat it!!! She asked if i went out and got lunch even after I said yes i was eating office lunch, looking around my office with her as Mr. 2 Chainz would say “looking ass”.

    I smiled put dat ear bud of “this conversation is over” in and kept listening to TBGWT
    Thank you yall for trying to warn TipNation, of these bubble guts inducing potlucks.

    • silverback

      Damn I tanked Lil Wayne for 2 Chainz…How am I ever gonna be a young black rich motherfucker:(

  2. Jermaine Champion

    I love your show! I eager wait for new shows, they help me get through the week! I plan to go premium soon I just gotta get my money right dog! I love you and Karen black love is something to celebrate! Keep up the excellent work!!!

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